Saturday, March 26, 2011

School Time Week 26 (Start of G and Week 2 of Art Lessons)

This was our first week of a new letter-Gg!  And our second week of the art lessons over at Painted Pineapple.  Unfortunately it was also the week of the sick girls.  We started out the week with a "Sick Girl" Muffin Tin:

We were unable to make it to play group because of being sick of course.  So I sent a message to my friend on Facebook to let her know. While I was on the computer Tabitha was out at the chalkboard composing her own note.

(Translation: Miss Amy Sick Girl)

 While we were eating lunch the one day I was talking to the girls about the different kinds of lines we were going to learn in the art lessons this week.  I love spontaneous lessons.  I just started drawing different lines on the chalk board while we ate.  I believe we started talking about it because Tabitha noticed there were lines on her graham cracker.

As you can see, I drew a graham cracker in the lower right.

Later the girls drew their own lines on the worksheets provided with the lesson.

We made fun string paintings. 

And abstract line drawings.

Tabitha wanted so bad to make zigzags but she kept having trouble getting the brush to move right for her. So she decided to make horizontal lines instead.

Then for the real fun.  Brave mommy let them splatter paint in the kitchen.  We were learning about Jackson Pollock.  I read them a biography about him that is a part of Mike Venezia's Getting to Know The World's Greatest Artists series.  I like that it includes copies of his work.  We talked about going to a couple of NYC art museums to check out the originals.  The book was written for grade school age children and includes cartoon like pictures depicting his life along with some photographs.  The author has quite a few in his series and he also has a series about composers (I believe).

Hannah wanted to wheel across the kitchen so badly.  She got extremely mad when I kept telling her "no."

The other art "canvases":

And the last lesson we did this week was done this morning.  We did some marble painting.  I covered the cookie sheets with plastic wrap first.  Somehow Tabitha's marbles made it under the plastic though.

And even big sister Krystal wanted a turn.

Here are the completed projects
Amelia's and Tabitha's

Krystal's and mommy's (it looked like fun!)

We looked at what kind of lines were made: vertical, horizontal, curvy, wavy, zigzag, broken, crossed

I confess, I didn't take the time to make my word cards for G.  So while the girls were sitting at the table I wrote several words and asked if they could figure them out.  I wrote these four words:

Actually I wrote them one at a time so they could try to figure out the word, not realizing the great way they related to each other.  When I got to green I did specifically write grass.  And we said "The goat was in the garden eating the green grass."  So we had to draw the grass and some flowers, using our special lines we are learning about.  Then I had to draw a goat to eat the grass.

The goat is on the left.  I am NOT an artist.

We read a book by Mem Fox called Let's Count Goats. There are some really crazy looking goats in this book participating in lots of different activities.  I love the rhyming in this book and the fact that after seeing a goat or two on one page we are then asked if we can count the goats who are doing something different.  Each time you are asked to count the goats the number has increased by one.  If you pay close attention you will see at least one goat on most pages eating away.

Then we spent some time talking about gravity and how it holds everything to earth.  I was inspired by the gravity science lessons I have been reading from Touch of Home Learning.  More on this later as I am going to be posting a review of her 60 Quick and Easy Science Experiments With Everyday Items with the possibility of a giveaway.  

Here daddy is watching the very first episode of Sesame Street  from 1969 with the girls.
Thought the black and white made it more authentic.
I took a great book about the first 40 years of Sesame Street out of the library and it included the DVD.

Big Bird looked really weird:

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  3. I love all the creative rainbows.

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  4. You have the best crafts! I'm always so terrified of crafts because of the huge MESS! I'll have to learn to be a bit braver. :)

  5. Thanks for linking up. It looks like fun this art lessons. And I love daddy playing with the girls By the way I love the new look of your blog

  6. Great week! I love the marble painting!

  7. Wow what a great week of colourful art! Love all the different rainbow making ideas - though I know two little children who love the paint splatter technique the most!!!

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  8. This is such a wonderful post! I love your books and all the great activities! The writing activities really look wonderful.

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  9. Thanks for visiting my blog! Looks like you had a fun week! Love all the painting! My kids love painting, too!=)

  10. Wow - despite a sick week you managed quite a lot. Very brave - splatter painting in the house! I like all your color experiments.


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