Free Resources

I use a bunch of free resources for the children and thought it was time I shared them.

One of the children's favorite sites is:, Where children have fun learning to read!
(as a side note, they now have a "sister site" called  For a low membership fee your child can go beyond learning to read.  It includes math and colors.  Your child can build 3 letter C-V-C words with their word machine.  They have motions songs, nursery rhyme videos and historical folk songs.  I just love the site and think it is worth every penny)

Try our new website,
Another site the children love is Sesame Street.
Every week they have a different theme that you will find on their home page.  There are games and quite a few muppets have their own page with lots of different educational games.  Some topics your child will learn include:
I love that each muppet's page lists facts about the muppet, like birthday, description and favorites.

I have made some great worksheets for handwriting at Handwriting for Kids
Handwriting for Kids

They have worksheet makers so you can customize your own worksheets.  I have made number worksheets, calendars and traceable vocabulary words.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is another site for handwriting worksheets. You can choose Print, D'Nealian or Cursive.  You can create Sentence, Single Word, Multi-word or paragraph. You type in the words you want your child to trace and it prints out Dot Trace Practice Sheets

Here is a list of Homeschool Blogs:
Sunflower Schoolhouse

I will continue to add to this list as I have time.

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