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Littles Learning Link Up: July 23, 2019

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Here's a peek at what we have been up to in our homeschool. 

We've been back to school for our summer session for the past two weeks, though we definitely haven't been getting as much work done as I would have liked. We have been focusing on our review products more than getting our My Father's World Rome to the Reformation year complete. Well, that is everyone except Tabitha. Tabitha has started working more independently, sometimes waking up at 6am to get her work started. She even talked about getting a week's worth of reading done in a day so she could get finished, and I promptly told her no. That would be too much, and she wouldn't be retaining the material. 

So, even though we haven't been moving forward in our history readings, we have been reviewing. We received the Time Line figures from Home School in the Woods to review. Before we put them on a timeline, I thought it would be fun to play memory matching games. Not only are we reviewing people, places, and events we learned about, but we are also learning new information. I thought it would be a great opportunity to be able to link what was happening in different parts of the world throughout the time we learned about all year. Plus I love that we can place where Bible events and people fit into history. 

The children are continuing to work through literature study guides from Memoria Press. Hannah and I are working on Mr. Popper's Penguins. Harold and I are reading A Bear Called Paddington. Amelia has been working on Charlotte's Web. And Tabitha has been working on Farmer Boy. We are learning new vocabulary, working through comprehension questions, and doing enrichment exercises.

Let's take a look at that review schedule real quick:
Last week I shared reviews for the Music & Creativity Foundation Course from Simply Music plus the USA Activity Bundle Pack from Crafty Classroom.

In August you will find reviews for Memoria Press, Home School in the WoodsLibrary & Educational Services, and the study guide for Britfield & the Lost Crown (I just posted my review of the book yesterday).

In September I will be sharing my review of Easy Grammar Plus from Easy Grammar Systems.

Here are some things I would like to share with you:

First of all, I don't want you to miss your opportunity to enter to win a signed copy of Britfield & the Lost Crown by C.R. Stewart.

US only, 18 years old and up.
Ends August 4th, 2019

And check out these round ups from the past:

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Kristen from A Mom's Quest to Teach shared Busy/Quiet Boxes - Felt Ribbon and Snake

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Homeschool Coffee Break

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Tuesday's Giveaway Link Up- July 23, 2019

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Fun Adventure with Britfield and the Lost Crown {A Review and Giveaway}

Tabitha and I had the opportunity to read the first book in a new series from C.R. Stewart. In total there will be five books in this middle school age series. The first book is titled Britfield & The Lost Crown.

This award-winning story takes place in England, starting out in the horrible Weatherly Orphanage in Yorkshire. Here the children are used as slave labor making baskets to be sold. Money that is meant to be for the care of the orphans is used by the owners and the children have very meager belongings and food and care. They are watched by cruel, strict caretakers who treat them very badly, and who punish misdeeds severely.

Our story focuses on two children who succeed (with the help of their fellow orphans) in escaping the orphanage and find themselves on the run from the persistent Detective Gowerstone and one of the cruel caretakers. Tom discovered that his parents may still be alive and sets out to find out what he can about them, and his friend Sarah comes along with him. They discover a hot air balloon that is already prepared for flight and take off into the sky to get away from the crafty detective and the rest of the officers. The chase goes from the air, to the ground, back to the air again, and back to the ground, until finally our scared and harried characters end up taking a train trip to discover some shocking information.

The children's trip allows the reader to discover such places as Oxford University, Windsor Castle, and St. Paul's Cathedral in London. They make allies along the way, are betrayed by someone they were led to believe they could trust, and discover that everyone is not who they appear to be.

As I read through the story, there were many opportunities to learn about English history, culture, and geography. There are many different places that can be researched to learn more about them. There is quite a lot of action, though there were definitely some times when the actions and consequences weren't quite believable. Though, I admit, some things that happen are more understandable when you get to the end of the book and discover some intriguing information about a certain character. Definitely unexpected information.

My daughter and I enjoyed the book very much, and are both a bit upset that we have to wait so long for the second book in the series. Definitely something to look forward to as we will get to see what happens to Tom and Sarah on the next leg of their adventure.

How would you like to receive your very own signed copy of Britfield & The Lost Crown?
Check out the giveaway below.

All you need to do is enter in the Rafflecopter form below. 
There are only 2 simple mandatory entries, with the remainder of the entries being optional. 
Remember, you do not have to do the extra entries, but they will increase your odds of winning. 

This giveaway is open to US residents 18 and over. 
The giveaway runs July 22nd through August 4th

Good Luck

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received a signed copy of Britfield & The Lost Crown in exchange for my honest review. No further compensation was given. This did not in any way influence my review. I only recommend products I use personally and feel will be a good products for my readers.

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Studying the States with the USA Activity Bundle Pack {A Homeschool Review Crew Review}

We had the opportunity to use a fun product from the Crafty Classroom these past several weeks. As a little break from our normal social studies routine, the younger children and I have been focusing on learning a bit about the states with the USA Activity Bundle Pack. This PDF download contains three different top-selling activity packs which help focus on the different states of America.

We received an email with links to the three ebooks. It was very simple to download to my computer. In order to use these ebooks, you will need a printer with both color and black & white ink, paper (we used regular computer paper and cardstock), pencils, and crayons or colored pencils. You may need glue depending upon how you choose to put together your material. I also used prong pocket folders. Additionally you need to be able to find details about the different states and the state birds.

Let's take a look at each of the components of the ebook bundle.

We used the U.S.A State-By-State Activity Notebook as our main focus. This 60-page ebook contains one activity page for each state in our country. With these pages the children were to find the state on a small USA map in the top corner. Then they could color the state's flag and label a small state map with rivers, lakes, mountains, and the capital. They also got to fill in several bits of information: state abbreviation, state number, nickname, state flower, and state bird. There are also pictures of the flower and bird for students to color. At the bottom of the page there are some lines for jotting down a fact or two about the state. We used a book recommended by the author to discover these facts. It is titled, The United States of America: A State-by-State Guide by Millie Miller and Cyndi Nelson. Thankfully our library system had this book. In fact, I took two copies out of the library so both children could have their own book to work from. This ebook concludes with two games to help children review the states: USA Bingo and Roll Across America. We have not tried playing the games yet as the children need to be familiar with the outline shapes of each state, and we haven't learned enough of the states for them to do so.

In addition to seeing the state outline on the activity page, the children can familiarize themselves with the shape of the state by using the mazes in the 52-page U.S.A State-by-State 50 Mazes! ebook. The maze for each state is shaped like the state. I would say the maze path itself is of decent difficulty level. Harold, who is in 2nd grade was able to complete the mazes, so they weren't too hard. But they posed a decent level of challenge even for mommy. Lots of twists and turns and dead ends.

We rounded out our knowledge of each state by using the 30-page U.S.A State Birds Realistic Art Cards ebook. This book has fewer pages than the other two as some of the states share the same bird. Each bird sheet has three components. There is an informational section with the fully colored bird pictured, which includes several lines for writing information about the bird. Then there is a black and white line drawing that the child is to color, following the accurate depiction on the left-hand side. This square section is labeled with the name of the bird and the states that have adopted the bird as their state bird. Then, at the bottom of the page there are small cards to be used as a matching game. One card has the color version of the bird and the other names the bird along with the state(s) it is found in.

So, how did we use these ebooks?

I decided we would work through the states in the order they joined the Union. I chose this order because we will be learning about the states next year with our core curriculum, and we learn about the states in this order. I tended to let the children take two days to work on each state. One day for the maze and the notebook information, and then another day for the bird page. 

We started each day's study with a review of the previous states. I want the children to at least remember what order the states came in, their names, and their capitals. Then I read the information about the state out of the recommended book, The United States of America: A State-by-State Guide. Then I wrote out the information the children specifically needed to make it easier for them to copy it onto their page. I did ask them to help me decide what that information was to make sure they were listening to me read. Finally, they got to choose which additional piece of state trivia they wanted to write about. 

They took the book to the table and used it to ensure they colored the state flower and bird correctly, labeled the map correctly, and recorded a bit of trivia accurately.

On the first day they were also required to work on the maze. I actually printed out four copies of each maze so Tabitha and Amelia could work on it too.

I decided to use the prong pocket folders to store their work. I love these folders because we can use the pockets to keep the papers from getting lost while they are working on them, and then I just use my 3-hole punch to punch holes in the pages and put them together like a book. 

They usually used the second day to work on the bird art page and to finish up the state activity page if they ran out of time on the previous day. There was also a book suggested to use for this component titled, United Tweets of America by Hudson Talbott. We could not find this book in our library system, so I have been using a website called State Symbols USA. 

I had the children glue the information section of their bird pages on the back of the corresponding activity page. Then I hung the picture they colored on the wall. 

(Yes, as is typical in our house, one has come up missing. It will be added to the wall once it is found.)

As I have two children who are working on this bundle, I ended up with two sets of the memory cards. So, I cut one set completely apart, while leaving the other set with the state pair uncut. That way, while we are still learning which bird is which, we have a reference. Once we have them memorized, I plan on cutting them apart as well and having both sets included in the memory matching game.

We are really enjoying using this bundle to learn more about the United States of America. I love that all I have to do is print it out and go. I also appreciate that it doesn't use a lot of color as the majority is in black and white. The mazes have been fun for all of us and I love how they help us to learn the shapes of the states. The informational activity pages are neatly arranged and fit the information just right. I love that there were book suggestions to go with this study. The The United States of America: A State-by-State Guide book has been quite informative. I do wish I had been able to find United Tweets of America, though I'm glad I found such an informative website to use in place of it (it even has videos of the birds). I am debating buying a copy of the recommended book. We'll see.

I did just want to mention a suggestion that I feel would improve the U.S.A State-by-State 50 Mazes! ebook. We came across one maze that no one in our house could find a path to get from beginning to end. As far as we can tell, New Jersey's maze doesn't have a workable path. So, I was thinking, if there was an answer key in the back of the book, we could check to make sure we can find our way if we are stuck. 

I can't wait to continue learning about the states during our next school year, because I will be pulling this pack out so we can use it alongside our core curriculum. 

I figured we would enjoy using this bundle and I was correct. We have used other material from the Crafty Classroom in the past. Harold absolutely LOVED working on his reading skills with the Learn to R.E.A.D Curriculum Notebook a couple of years ago. I invite you to read my review to see more details regarding that curriculum.

You can find The Crafty Classroom on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Don't forget to click on the banner below to check out the reviews of my fellow Crew Mates. Not only will you find reviews for this USA Activity Bundle Pack but you will also find reviews of the R.E.A.D Curriculum Notebook K, R.E.A.D Curriculum Notebook Gr. 1, Interactive Math Curriculum Notebook K, Alphabet Letter of the Week Curriculum Notebook, Bible Letter of the Week Curriculum Notebook, Sight Word of the Week Program, Pattern Block Activity Bundle, and Fables & Tales.

Hands-on, Low-prep and Ready to Go Learning - Tots to 3rd Grade {Crafty Classroom Reviews}
Crew Disclaimer

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Throwback Thursday Blog-Style #265: July 18, 2019

Welcome back to... 

I know, I know, Throwback Thursday seems to be all about sharing pictures from the past, great memories that mean something to you, that you would like to share with others. At least that is how it appears to me. Throwback Thursday wasn't something I was participating in, and then I came up with an idea.

I thought it would be great fun and a help to my blog to share old content, but not just any old content. Each week I will share an old blog post from a previous year, any year, BUT it has to be from the current week (for example, something I've posted around July 18th, from any previous year)  I will go in, edit the post if needed, add a pinnable image if I don't already have one, and share it on Facebook.

Would you like to join in? You do not need to edit your past post in any way, you don't need to create a pinnable image, though it couldn't hurt, in fact it will help your blog traffic to add quality pinnable images to your posts.

Just go into your archives, choose a favorite post from this current week from any previous year, and link it up below. (If you don't have anything from this current week, it is still okay to link up with a post from a previous year around this time. And if you haven't been blogging for a full year, feel free to share any earlier post.)

Please make sure to share from the past as instructed above.  The spirit of Throwback Thursday Blog-Style is to share posts from the past. Please follow the guidelines. I would hate to have to delete your link.
Thank you

I will be pinning posts to my appropriate Pinterest boards and will be randomly selecting a Featured Throwback Thursday post to share next week. Just a note, I will be sharing a picture from your post if you are selected as the featured post, but I will link back to your post. I will ALWAYS give credit and link back. By linking up you are giving me permission to use your picture in the post. 

Here is my Throwback Thursday post
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Wordless Wednesday: July 17, 2019 (w/linky) - Fun at the Pool

Our church had our church picnic this past Sunday at the camp where, one, we have co-op and two, the children go to summer camp. After we were done eating, we headed over to the pool so the kids could have some fun. No, I do not get in.

Looking forward to seeing your Wordless (or not so wordless) Wednesday posts this week.

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