Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Place to Post

A place to post, finally. This blog will be a record of all the creations I come up with while working with my dear angels. Yes, I call them my angels, they are so precious. Tabitha is 2 1/2 and Amelia is 14 months old. We are so excited to be getting back to "lessons" now that big brother and sister are back in school. We made a countdown chart and everything because when I mentioned to Tabitha that Steven and Krystal were going back to school and questioned if she would like to start lessons again, she got so very excited.

I love doing countdown charts, for myself and now for the children, so they can get a sense of the passing of time. We move our time counter along in the morning so they can get a sense of "When I wake up there will be this many more days, this many more times to wake up, until that something special comes along." The countdown chart we just did came about because Tabitha wanted to glue. So we made a school bus. Simple enough. Between myself and my son's girlfriend we came up with a cute little road leading up to a school house I drew. Along the way the bus encountered stop signs (each of which had a number for how many days were left). And finally on the eagerly awaited day, we were able to put the schoolbus right in front of the school! And lessons started. More on that tomorrow.
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