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Back to Preschool Giveaway Blast: Sponsor Spotlight- Early Expert Spanish

Tots and Me

Welcome to another Back to Preschool Giveaway Blast Sponsor Spotlight in anticipation of the giveaway which starts on August 8th. Please note, that there has been a change in the dates for this event. We were without power for three days due to severe storms blowing through our area last Thursday, so I have to play catch up on a lot of things. 

From the website:
"Early Expert: Spanish is an engaging educational game grounded in research." 
"With Early Expert, your child will:
  • Hear authentic Spanish speakers, an important part of developing proper intonation and pronunciation!
  • Learn words and phrases in contexts familiar to your child - for example, learn numbers by playing a board game!
  • Play in an adaptive learning environment that automatically adjusts to your child’s pace. The correct answer starts out blinking but stops blinking as your child learns! New words are also introduced as your child learns!
  • Receive fun ranks and prizes for replaying minigames!
  • And much, much more!"

I was given a 1 year Home Edition to review which gave us the opportunity for all the girls to have their own login on the account (in fact you can have up to 4). Early Expert was so easy to set up. They sent me a password to the email address I provided. Then I logged in, updated my password information, added the girls, and clicked Play! In fact, the girls insisted on clicking play themselves. The game is entirely online and available to play from any PC or Mac!
The girls were greeted by a squirrel named Ollie who told them he would be with them all the time if they needed help. He hangs out in the corner of the screen.

Then we were introduced to Maria and Carlos, two children who are playing with the girls. They speak in both English and Spanish. When they are playing the games the characters will ask in Spanish and the object will blink lightly for help in finding the correct answer.

First they learned some colors by using the paint splatterer. The sentence including the color is said completely in Spanish. 

As the children play and complete more games they can find keys to help unlock doors to other rooms or areas.

In the next game they get to build a teddy bear and learn some words for body parts.
They also get to play board games to help get keys. They had to play all of these to get the key.

At this early stage in the game they were taught numbers and counting. 
They are to click the die and the computer will tell them the number in Spanish and they need to click on the correct number. 

The computer then moves the game pieces.

After playing all those games they were able to get another key which gave them enough to open the door to go outside.

There are so many areas to unlock. 
They don't just get keys though. They can play games to win stars that they can look at through the telescope in their tree house. They have also earned meteors that I have seen. 
They have played this a lot with out me being able to look on, so I do not know everything they have done. But what I have seen I really like, and more importantly, so do the girls.  They are learning Spanish in a fun way. Though they get some instructions in English, when they are playing the game the character speaks in Spanish only, from what I have seen. They have to pay attention. I was glad to find out that the game adjusts to the child.
I had to test the girls a little the other day. They do seem to be learning. Sometimes I think the blinking answer makes it a little too easy and they are not focusing on the word being spoken so they can try to figure it out. 

If you would like your child(ren) to learn Spanish I'm sure you would like to try this out. Personally I think the price is great. It is $24.95 for the first year, and then there is a $4.95 service fee each additional year if you choose to keep it. 
And of course, I have some great news. 
Early Expert Spanish is including, not one, but two 1 year subscriptions in the Back to Preschool Giveaway. One for the Grand Prize and one for the 2nd Place Prize Pack. In addition, they are providing a 1 year subscription for the Back to School Giveaway that started a few hours ago.

How would you like some extra entries into the Back to Preschool Blast before it even starts? 
  • Head on over to the Early Expert Spanish website and tell me something you learn from watching the short video. Leave the answer here in the comments with your email and when the giveaway is live I will email you the secret code to place in the Rafflecopter for a bonus 10 points.
  • Also, if you would like to spread the word about this event and place the button on your blog sidebar I will give you an additional 10 points. Again, please come back and comment.
Either way, don't forget to stop back between August 8th and 25th to enter the giveaway.

Tots and Me


  1. I think their idea of contextual learning for children is really unique!

    Anne Sweden

  2. Forgot to give you my email - it's ducksoup at wamego dot net

    Anne Sweden

  3. Oh wow, I love this! I wish I would have had something like this growing up.

  4. looks neat! I did a lot of my foreign language learning from computer programs.

  5. That looks like a great way for kids to learn Spanish!! Great review :)

  6. Neat program, I will definitely be back for the giveaway.

  7. I'd so love to give this game a try!! I'll be back....August 8th! :D

  8. What a fun and educational game.

  9. Hi! When I tried the link to watch the video, it didn't work. I did place the button on my sidebar here (

  10. OOPS...forgot to mention my e-mail: ecarian at yahoo dot com

  11. I learned it was created by teachers, game designers and early learning experts.
    tvpg at aol dot com

  12. couldn't get the link to the spanish website to load. However I love that this program allows them to learn in context and through games.

  13. I love how it will let the kids learn through games ^_*

  14. i learned about multiple contexts (the video used tomatoes as an example)

    zucchinisummer at gmail DOT com

  15. I learned that adults tend to relate the new word to the written english word. Children tend to associate the new word with the item itself. Repetition of the item visually reinforces the word.
    This is actually the way I learn and would work well for me.

    librarypat AT comcast DOT net

  16. I took several semesters of Spanish in college and still can't speak it at all. My children amaze me at how quickly they are able to pick it up. My husband can speak Spanish very well. I think this is a great approach to teaching little ones Spanish. Maybe I could pick something up.

  17. I learned it was created by teachers

  18. It was created by teachers

  19. I learned that the program was created through the efforts of teachers and game designers working in cooperation. email in my profile:)

  20. I learned that it was created with the help of teachers.
    Sara Campbell

  21. I learned how children learn languages --basically pina --pineapple --simple straight forward -- I like the way it adjusts itself to the child's learning --nice --real nice


  22. I learned it was created by teachers

  23. I learned that it was created by teachers, game designers and early learning experts.

    icefairyisme at gmail dot com


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