Monday, August 18, 2014

Organizing My Day with the Well Planned Day Planner {A Back to School Review}

I have been working valiantly to get my life organized this year. Organization is my word for 2014, and so far, I haven't been succeeding near as much as I had hoped to. As we are heading into the start of the homeschool year, I was thrilled to be able to receive a copy of The Well Planned Day 2014-2015 Family Homeschool Planner from Home Educating Family Association-hedua. 

This planner is chock full of ways to keep me organized, if I can stay disciplined enough to continue using it through the school year.  There are encouraging articles form the Home Educating Family Magazine and plenty of room for notes, spread throughout the year. Instructions are given for various scenarios in using the planner, such as using it with 1, 2, 3 or 4 students. 5 Core subjects are included with space for 2 more. Even household pages are included, such as household finances and household duties. There are pages to write down both the teacher's and the student's schedules, and then it moves into the monthly and weekly calendars. The monthly calendar is a double page spread, as are the weekly pages for each month.

Stay tuned for the full review.

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