Monday, August 18, 2014

Daily News for Kids with News-O-Matic from Press4Kids {A Back to School Review}

Keeping up to date with current events is very important, but did you ever think of the importance of children also keeping current with things going on in the world? Press4Kids has developed an app (available for iPad or Android) for children in elementary grades to keep abreast with the news, at their level. Each day the children will get 5 updated news stories (because, you know, the news changes every day). Along with being able to read the news along with related pictures, the child can also have it read to them. There are slide shows, fun facts and games, and ways to interact with the editor by sending in letters and pictures.  

Tabitha has had a blast being able to sit down with my tablet and read the news for herself. She has gotten to read such things as an underwater art exhibit in Italy and other fun stories. 

Stay tuned for the full review

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