Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School Traditions in our Homeschool

Last year, as Tabitha was starting Kindergarten, we started some Back to School Traditions because I really wanted to make school a fun and exciting time for the girls. We did the same fun things this year and even added something.  We started school last Monday, the 19th.

The girls were greatly anticipating being able to go our to eat for the first day of school. They insisted Hannah go with them because she is now preschool age. 

While they were gone, Harold and I made an, "It's Time For School" banner and I decorated with balloons.  Last year it was Hannah that was helping me with this.

And he decorated himself a bit too.

I once again took pictures of them arriving at school.

And lining up.

Then we took our class picture.

And they got to play.

(She made a throne. She is big into princesses right now.)

And did a little bit of schooling.

(Can you believe I have to make room at the table for Harold? He doesn't sit there all the time, just occasionally.)

And this year we actually worked on an "All About Me" page. I had wanted to last year, but we never got to it. I also wanted to measure them on the first day of school, unfortunately I forgot. 

So, what kind of traditions do you have for the first day of school?

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  1. "He decorated himself a little too." haha. That made me giggle.

    I love that you take the time and care to really make it a special day for your children. :)


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