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Am I Mom Enough?

"Am I Mom Enough?" How is that for a question to ask on Mother's Day?
That seems to be the question I should be asking myself just because of a Time magazine article. Have you seen the article I am talking about. Here is the link if you would like to see it for yourself. I am assuming by now you have heard about it as it is all over the internet. As I do not approve of the picture due to the lack of modesty I will not share the image on my blog.

It appears we, as moms, should be comparing ourselves to each other. At least that is the impression I got just reading the title. "Are You Mom Enough?"  The article was addressing Attachment Parenting and Extended Breastfeeding, but I am not sure the spin Time took on these issues. Are they for or against it? I don't know. As for me, I really don't want to know the answer right now. It seems as if Time was trying to incite controversy. I definitely will NOT support them by purchasing the magazine. Right now I am more concerned about cover and the feelings it invoked.

We should not be comparing ourselves to each other. Just because something is important to me doesn't mean it will be for you. Yes, I blog because I hope the things I do with the children will be of interest to others. But I don't expect it.

I don't usually blog about issues like this. Though I do have a button on my sidebar asking you to vote for Sesame Street to include breastfeeding mothers and children. To me, this isn't just about breastfeeding though. Every parent, every child, every family is different.  Why does Time think we should be comparing ourselves to others?  Why start controversy? And it has started, or at least fanned the flames of controversy. I have a habit of spending waaaay too much time reading comments on articles. I am amazed at how many people are against breastfeeding for an extended period, and for some people this means more than 6 weeks, or a few months. Not only that, people are so judgmental and rude. If breastfeeding is not for you, so be it, but don't judge others. And if formula feeding is not for you, so be it, but don't judge.

I, personally, have both formula fed and breastfed. My older children were primarily formula fed and my little ones are almost exclusively breastfed.  The research has impressed upon me the importance and superiority of breast milk. Even the formula cans have printed upon them that breast milk is best.  But I understand that not everyone can breastfeed (I really didn't think I could 15-20 yrs ago and was beating myself up for the "failure").

Breastfeeding my little ones has been an awesome experience. I nursed the three girls til they were about a year and a half old. I would have gone longer, but they weaned themselves. Maybe baby Harold will go even longer, who knows.
But according to the Time article I may not be mom enough because I didn't breastfeed until they were 3 or beyond? Or was the article saying this is way too extreme and it is the mother's who breastfeed for longer periods who are thinking they are superior. Once again, it is up to each individual what they will choose.

So, am I mom enough?

I am mom enough because I love my children and what is best for them.
I am mom enough because I formula fed my older children ensuring they got the nutrition they needed.
I am mom enough because I am breastfeeding my younger children because I discovered that I do produce enough milk and can do this as long as I have the proper support of a loving husband.
I am mom enough because I provide balanced, nutritious meals to the children when they get old enough for solid foods.
I am mom enough because I make sure they have clean diapers (whether they are cloth or disposable makes no difference) until they are old enough to wear underwear.
I am mom enough because I do my best to keep the house clean.
I am mom enough because I am teaching them to love the Lord.
I am mom enough because I am homeschooling them in order to give them an individualized learning experience.
I am mom enough because I take my children outside to play and "explore God's creation."
I am mom enough because I hug and kiss my children.
I am mom enough because my children love me.
See the flowers I received:

That says it all.
The children don't care about all the specifics. They care that mommy is there for them and loves them.

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  1. I completely agree with you. I only have my 1 son and he didn't want to breastfeed beyond 2 years but I would have if he wanted to. My brother was breastfed until he was almost 5 and he has perfectly aligned teeth and he's very well adjusted and has a great life. I think you are right on the money here. Kids care about mommy being there and loving them. Everything else is not that important to a child. :)

    I featured this post in my Monday Bytes because I really enjoyed it. If you have time check it out here!!




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