Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wordless Wednesday: August 15, 2018 (w/linky) - Weekly Photo Round Up

Weekly Photo Round Up

My Weekly Photo Round Up is where I share the pictures I have taken during the week for the photo-a-day challenges I am participating in. Yes, I usually post on Sunday, but we have been a bit busy this week with VBS, so I am finally getting a chance to get it posted. I figured I'd just make it my Wordless Wednesday for the week.

For August I am participating in the ones from Fat Mum Slim, the Crew, one from Homeschool Instagrammers, and a new one from Happily Homegrown

August 5: Sunshine

Sunshine shining through the trees while we were at the park.

August 6: Ink

Using colored ink to create birthday cards for their big sister. Big sissy is a huge lover of kitty cats. 

August 7: Flying

Harold made himself some wings out of leaves that he had me tie to his hands with stems, and then he tried flying. Didn't work the greatest. 

August 8: Citrus

Just a bowl of lemons.

August 9: Purple

We were shopping at Wal-Mart and I looked over and saw these lovely purple onions. 

August 10: Heart-Shaped

Heart-shaped leaf art that Tabitha did at art camp.

August 11: Cheeky

I'm being a little cheeky here. It seems I can make Amelia give in to what I want by pouting. So, I was pouting because I want to watch a specific movie. The right picture is me smiling because I got my way.

Then there is the challenge I am doing with the 
Homeschool Review Crew

August 5: Theme

Figured the title of the sermon today would work for "theme." Today's sermon was titled: Walk in the Spirit. Our pastor talked about crucifying our sinful nature, and living by the spirit, keeping in step with the spirit, letting the spirit fill us and cleanse us (just like pouring clean water from a pitcher into a cup of muddy water eventually clears it of the yucky water).

August 6: Drama

A little acting out drama from Amelia as she shares her narration (in an English accent) for Paddington, to go with our study from Branch Out World.

August 7: Dialogue

Here is the dialogue we were looking at from Paddington when we were discussing noun/verb agreement. This is a part of the literature study of Paddington from Branch Out World, one of our current review products.

August 8: Scene

A relaxing scene by the river. It was still up a bit, but the children enjoyed a chance to wade and cool off. 

August 9: Fairy Tale

We love stories that give new twists to the traditional fairy tales.
Tabitha is now reading the first book of The Land of Stories which I read last year. 

August 10: Twist

Amelia twisted some pipe cleaners together to make a dragon. 

August 11: Comedy

Lots of comedy to be found in hubby's Weird Al accordion. 

And on to the third challenge: Homeschool Instagrammers

August 5: Fav Tools

I would say my favorite tools for homeschooling are my 3-hole punch, paper cutter, packaging tape, contact paper, stapler, scissors (though those are NOT my good ones) and permanent markers.

August 6: Geography

Tabitha was playing catch up with our Paddington study from Branch Out World because she was at camp last week. Here she is working on her map of the United Kingdom.

August 7: STEM/STEAM

Harold made himself some wings out of leaves that he had me tie to his hands with stems, and then he tried flying. Didn't work the greatest. Sort of counts as the engineering from STEM though, doesn't it?

August 8: Lunch

August 9: Writing

Writing stories based on some beloved stuffed animals, just as Michael Bond was inspired to write Paddington Bear when he bought a teddy bear for his wife all those years ago.
Just another neat piece of trivia we learned through the lit study from Branch Out World.

August 10: Vocabulary

Working on Latin vocabulary with PictaDicta Natural World from Roman Roads Media, one of our current review products. 

August 11: Fav Resource

Bit of a lack of inspiration here. Decided to go with the computer, and of course internet, as that is where I get so many ideas. Having my blog allows me to get lots of different review products to use in our homeschool. 

Aaannnnd on to the fourth challenge: Happily Homegrown

August 5: Reading

"Why yes, yes I am rereading the first book of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series by Shannon Messenger that I JUST finished." she replied sheepishly when her family asked her. I can't help it. It is so good. And I have to wait til who-knows-when to read the seventh book as it doesn't come out til November and I have no clue when I'll be able to get it via interlibrary loan. Pout pout
(Update since I posted this picture. Hubby let me preorder the limited collector's edition, so I will have it in November after all!)

August 6: Outside

Tabitha outside at the park drawing a picture with chalk of the outside world. Mountains with a stream flowing into a lake. I think she did a marvelous job. She wasn't copying this from anything, just out of her own head. Quite the artist, I'd say. 

August 7: Snack Time

Had to stop at the store after finishing up at the Y today. Kids decided they were hungry and it must be snack time so they grabbed some free fruit for kids.

August 8: Map/Globe

Searching on our globes for England and Peru the other day as a part of our Lit Study from Branch Out World. Paddington Bear emigrated from Peru and immigrated to England. 

August 9: Science

A collection of science books from the library. We took a field trip to the first preseason Bills game today, so no schoolwork, no science work. 

August 10: Recreation

Some recreation time yesterday. Tailgating before the Bills game, fun with ladder ball and playing catch, cooking up some dinner, drawing with chalk.

August 11: Inspiration

This bowl of fruit was the children's inspiration for creating a couple of works of art while working on their "Exploring the Pictures" section of the Paddington Lit Study from Branch Out World.
Here we talked about overlapping, and they practiced layering the different parts of the picture by drawing and making a collage.

Looking forward to seeing your Wordless (or not so wordless) Wednesday posts this week.

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  1. What a lovely family you have. Raising them the right way is every parents job. I see you take this very seriously. Excellent.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  2. Love the photos of Harold trying to fly. What great imagination he has!

  3. I have to find my 3-hole punch! I keep saying it and forgetting. The sermon theme is good. Cooling off in the water is always a hit with my kids too.

  4. The kids look like they are enjoying the end of summer!

    Thanks for sharing!

    - Lisa

  5. Looks like a wonderful time. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.


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