Monday, December 13, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday: Christmas- "Baby" Jesus

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

It is our second week of Christmas themed muffin tins for Muffin Tin Monday.  I actually struggled more than I thought I would.  I wanted to focus on the Biblical Christmas story.  There are so many angles that could have been explored.  I decided to focus on Baby Jesus.  Okay, you are going to look at our muffin tin and question my sanity, I'm sure.

First, the tin:

Now the explanation:

Tortilla spread with Amish peanut butter*
(baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes)
Plain yogurt with star/moon sprinkles
(the snowy night, of course this represents Christmas now, because Jesus wasn't born in December, but...)
Baby cupcake
Baby cheese
Baby carrots
(you get the idea)
And the dried apricots represent the treasure that Baby Jesus received.

Let's see.  The tortilla wrap went over well, as did the carrots and cupcakes.  The rest, not so well.  They weren't used to plain yogurt (I really only bought it to start Hannah on some mixed with her fruit).  The cheese was not a taste they enjoyed.  Not surprised with Tabitha, Amelia on the other hand likes a lot more different varieties of cheese.  Of course I was called away from the kitchen when they started and they tried eating it through the red casing. I had left it on because I thought they would enjoy peeling it. However, I think that turned Amelia off.  They didn't care for the apricots either.  Oh, well, got to try new things.  

*For anyone who is wondering Amish peanut butter is what my friend called peanut butter mixed with corn syrup.  We usually have it spread on bread.  


  1. That is a lovely meal, so well thought out, and I just love your theme and symbolism! Great job :)

  2. I think you pulled off the theme! Happy MTM. :o)


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