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Monsters Go Night-Night Children's Book {Review and Giveaway}

We had the opportunity to review the recently released children's book called Monsters Go Night-Night.

This book is written and illustrated by Aaron Zenz who is the illustrator of 30 books for children, 7 of which he also authored. 

About the book:

Monsters Go Night-Night is a cute little book about adorable monsters who are getting ready for bed. The monsters go through all the normal bedtime routines that a child would go through, but they do these things in monsterly ways. What do your children do as a part of their bedtime routines? These monsters eat bedtime snacks, take baths, put on pajamas, find their favorite snuggle object, clean their teeth, go potty, and give night-night kisses. Each of these events is the focus of two double-page spreads. First we learn what they do and see a choice of 4 objects, so the child can try to figure out WHAT exactly the monster prefers.

Now, no peeking. What do you think the monster would eat for a bedtime snack?

Choose one. Remember to think like a monster. 

Here you go. 

I hope you didn't peek. Because, that wouldn't be fair.

Did you guess right?

What snack do monsters eat?

Not very tasty for humans, but I am sure monsters LOVE them. 

As you can tell, the book might get a little weird. Now I am sure you are curious about what monsters would bathe in, what they would brush their teeth with, what they would wear, what they would snuggle with, and what they would kiss night night. Let's just say, it gets very silly. I just don't want to spoil the surprises. 

What did we think of this book?

This is such a cute book. I love that the child is asked to participate in the story by having to guess what the monsters like. Hint for the parents...the answer tends to be the weirdest object on the page, the one that doesn't really make sense. I have to say, Harold, who is 4 1/2, didn't catch on that it was supposed to be the most unlikely object on the page. He did have fun trying to guess, and he laughed when each right object was revealed. 

I love the bright colors and bold pictures. All of the monsters are cute and friendly, which could help children who may have a fear of monsters. They get to see that these monsters do the same things they do, and they are just plain silly. In fact, the monsters are based on drawings that the author's five year old son drew. That was just awesome to find out.

The book is suitable for young children, 3-5 years of age. I would say that 2 year old children may also get a kick out of this book. I can see reading this to the toddlers in the toddler room where I used to work. However, this book is definitely for the younger crowd. My 8 and 9 year old kiddos did read it on their own, but they felt it was babyish and really weren't interested in having it read to them, or reading it again. Hannah, who is 6, enjoyed listening in, and had read it by herself, so was really interested in seeing how Harold would answer the questions. So, I would say it would be appropriate for beginning readers as well. There is a lot of repetition and children can try to use context clues to figure out some of the words if they are not able to sound them out. 

This is definitely a book I can recommend for your child(ren). Such a sweet bedtime story. That is, if the children don't get all wound up by the silliness contained in the pages. 

Published by Abrams Appleseed, an imprint of ABRAMS. The book retails for $12.95. Release date: August 2016.

Giveaway Time!

Great news! I have been given the opportunity to offer a giveaway for one person to win their own copy of Monsters Go Night-Night.

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  1. My kids will love this book! They love monsters so much..before going to bed, we always have time to choose one favorite book and we read it together. Sometimes, my son will read it for his sister and me, and the other way around.

  2. We always read a book as part of our before bed routine. I know my son would really enjoy this one!


  3. No bedtime routine yet. Our first baby boy is still waiting for his special arrival

  4. My son picks out a stuffed animal and we read a book together.

  5. Same thing every night: gummy vitamin, brush teeth, read a story and have a cuddle, then off to bed!

  6. We have always had the "What's your favorite...." game. We just go over their favorites and I love seeing how their interests change.

  7. Bath, snack and then we read a story in bed.

  8. well my nephew is 5 months so just getting him in bed is a challenge!! no routines really except getting him in his comfy PJs and playing soft music for him!

  9. we bathe, get jammies on, brish teeth and read each night! the kids sleep better with a warm bath and cozy jammies!

  10. It's been so long since I tucked a little one in bed. When I did visit the grandkids, I could only say goodnight to them downstairs.

  11. We read a book and sing twinkle twinkle little star each night before bed

  12. After lights out, we have stories and talk about what we did that day and what we'll do tomorrow.

  13. Every night we talk about our favorite part of the day and then read 2 stories!

  14. Our bed time routine consists of a bath followed by reading a story in the rocking chair.

  15. My nieces like to read a book before bed!

  16. We watch a short movie before bed time!

  17. They say their prayers and read a story.

  18. Our every night before bed routine includes prayers

  19. We read a book and sing twinkle twinkle little star

  20. Our night routine includes prayer and a story.

  21. There has to be a story and song every night followed by hugs and kisses

  22. Unfortunately we don't have a regular bedtime routine. We usually watch a show together before bed.


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