Friday, November 11, 2016

Field Trip Friday: Homeschool Co-op Fire Station Trip

For the past couple of years the children have had one of their classes at co-op during the fall session be Field Trips. So, they usually go on one field trip a week. This year, they didn't have the field trip class. However, there was a last minute decision to take the children to the fire station this past Wednesday on the last day of the fall session. Usually we just go for craft time and a harvest lunch, dish to pass meal. This year, they got to go to the fire station first, and I was allowed to go with Harold.

A few of the volunteer fire fighters talked to us all as a group, talking about fire safety and such. One of the fire fighters demonstrated putting on the gear and crawled around in front of the children, who were encouraged to try to get his attention as if they were in a burning building. Then we were broken into four groups and got to take turns seeing the ambulance and fire fighting vehicles.

Yes, Tabitha and Hannah were in a different group than Amelia, Harold, and I.

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  1. What a neat experience! This is something that will stay with them forever! :)


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