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Back to Homeschool Blog Hop-Day 5: The Hubby's Take on Traditions

I needed the hubby's help to get our internet working the other morning. While he was sitting there, after getting the internet going again,  I noticed he was "writing" my "First Day of School Traditions" post. I had not planned to share what he wrote, however, after sharing it with my fellow crew mates, I had a change of heart. Not only did this make me laugh, it was hugely approved of by the other crew members who read it. They insisted that I share what he wrote, so I decided to devote the last post of the week to his take on our traditions. 

Read at your own risk. 

The Hubby's Take on Traditions

(The following was written by my husband; however, it was written as if I was writing it.)

I love traditions, don't you?  We have lots of traditions for our first day of home school each year.

First, Hubby comes home from work.  It never seems to fail.  Our first day of school seems to always fall on the Monday after he works.  I do it to him on purpose.  Actually, we tend to schedule it for the Monday after the Bills first home preseason game, but don't tell him that.

The kids all get dressed in a new outfit which they have picked out earlier in the summer.  This is something they really look forward to as usually we dress them in rags and burlap sacks.
Then, Daddy gets them all excited for their first day of school and drags them out of the house to go out for breakfast.  Sometimes he even lets them eat breakfast with him if the mood strikes him just right.  The kids sure do like McDonald's.  It must be the cocaine in the food.  I won't say they are addicted, but they've been looking forward to the first day of school breakfast since BEFORE WE LEFT THE PARKING LOT LAST TIME!  Give me a break...OH, and can I have a Bacon, egg, and cheese Bagel this year???

While they are out, I make a huge banner that says "Welcome to our Homeschool" or words to that effect.  Harold used to help me decorate it (scribble scribble) but I think this year he's going to be out with Daddy as well so I'm stuck doing all the work.

I also enlist the hubby for help blowing up the 27,000 balloons that I plan on using to decorate.  I line the entire driveway with them so that I can get an early warning when they come home and have time to lock the door and pretend I'm not home.  I also fill the ENTIRE DOWNSTAIRS with balloons.  Forget oxygen.  If there's any oxygen left in the downstairs, then there's room for more balloons.  One year, I tried this with Helium filled balloons and Daddy came home to a house floating 6 inches off the foundation.  Since then we use traditional balloons and daddy just blows them all up instead of sleeping before he goes into work.  Who needs sleep anyway?

I also get the kids new pencils, pens, crayons, colored pencils and all that other stuff.  That's not so amazing, but what is amazing is that they manage to lose it before coming into the house after breakfast.  What do these kids do with their stuff???  I bet I'll find it right next to the socks the dryer eats.

Once they get home, I make sure to get their "school picture" next to our chalkboard.  It's nice to see how much they grow year by year and it's something they can look back on when they graduate and I kick them out of the house.

I also have the kids fill out a questionnaire.  It includes things like "Mommy is my favorite because...", "I like it when Mommy does...", "and "Daddy is no good at..."  They really get a kick out of it.  Hubby not so much.

The kids are then told it's time to work and they do the traditional whining "NO!!!" "I don't like school" etc...I've even heard them practicing for this over the summer.  Every day.  To each other.  Out loud...They must really love this part of our tradition.

What sort of traditions do you have?

It's a blog hop!

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  1. Too funny!! My husband and yours would probably get along great. ;-)

  2. I loved it on the forum and I love it here too! So much fun to have his take on things!

  3. Yeah; glad you included it! :) Our hubbies are the spice of homeschool-life, aren't they? LOL

  4. LOL...I thoroughly enjoyed reading your husband's perspective of Back To School. :) I can relate to some of that!

  5. haha, I love it! Men always have a funny perspective on things, I love the idea of the balloons :)

  6. I can relate to your husband a lot. The whole comment about rags and burlap sacks made me LOL. I love the balloons idea too.

  7. Traditions give kids something to look forward to...minus any work involved. Sounds like an awesome first day of school overall!

  8. Hah! I'd love to know what my Enginerd would say...

  9. Enjoyed your husbands take on what he thought you might say. I stopped over from Faith, Family and Fridays.


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