Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Photo Round Up- March 22, 2015

Time to share my photos from this week! Let's start with Scavenger Hunt Sunday, shall we.

What I Did Today, Green, Errand, In My Kitchen, Something Old

What I Did Today

 It was such a lovely day on Monday. After we finished our schoolwork and made our shepherd's bags for our My Father's World lesson, we took a walk around town.


I wanted to call this salad my culinary artistic masterpiece, but is is really just a simple salad with shades of GREEN joined with a splash of color.


It was Tabitha's turn to join daddy on an ERRAND to the store. I needed daddy to pick me up some Cool Whip for the pie we were having.

In My Kitchen

Amelia was so upset yesterday when Tabitha got to help me make the pizza. Daddy went out and bought a special cupcake mix just so we could make something IN THE KITCHEN today. 

Something Old

This is SOMETHING OLD I have kept all these years, since I was in junior high school. This is a hand drawn picture that was on a shirt I used to have. Yes, I drew that.

Photo A Day Round Up

I am participating in a few different photo-a-day challenges this year. The photos are being shared daily on Instagram, but I thought it would be nice to include a collage of them here on my blog as well. Here are my collages showing the pictures from March 15 through March 22.

The first one is the Photo A Day Challenge from Fat Mum Slim.

The second one is The Bethadilly Challenge (this is where the Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompts have come from so far this year).

The third challenge is the Capturing Live, Laughter, and Love challenge.

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  1. Yay im so glad yall got to take a wlk round town... its getting tht kind of weather now!!! Tht salad looks AMAZING!!! YAY COOL WHIP i bet tabitha had fun running tht errand with daddy... of course jealous kiddos when others get to do something and they dont... glad amelia got to do something... mmm yum pie and cupcakes :D... WAIT!!! WHERES MINE!!! and wait u drew tht??? I never knew tht u never told me tht :P meany...


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