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Littles Learning Link Up: Paper Plate Mayflower Craft

Littles Learning Link Up is now on Friday!!

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Here's a peek at what we have been up to in our homeschool.

We have finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and now have some educational worksheets from The LitWits Kits that we are using as a part of the review. Plus we are watching both movies so we can compare and contrast. 

We are finishing up our review year and I am so relieved it is winding down. I only have one more review left. And then we have a break. I will find out if I am coming back for next year with the Homeschool Review Crew in a little bit. Plus, I will be posting about the Blue Ribbon Rewards soon. 

Moving on to our craft.

We have been focusing on Thanksgiving in our prek/k co-op class. 

First we reviewed the months of the year, and talked about the holiday coming up this month. Thanksgiving. Then I read a book that explained what Thanksgiving is. We learned that the people who came over on the Mayflower were known as Pilgrims, and people tend to call the native people who lived here, Indians. I came up with a song based off of a song we used to sing at the Montessori. 
1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Indians. This one, I called 1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Pilgrims.

Here are the words. 

1 Little, 2 little, 3 little pilgrims
4 little, 5 little , 6 little pilgrims
7 little, 8 little, 9 little pilgrims
10 little pilgrim boys and girls
(count on fingers)

They jumped in the boat and the boat went sailing
They jumped in the boat and the boat went sailing
They jumped in the boat and the boat went sailing
With all those pilgrim boys and girls
(cup one hand in front of you and put fingers together on the other hand and have them jump into the "boat" then move both hands forward. Repeat for each line)

They sailed across the ocean and came to a new land
They sailed across the ocean and came to a new land
They sailed across the ocean and came to a new land
All those pilgrim boys and girls
(move your boats forward and then show the new land by putting hands together, facing downward, and move them apart. Again, repeat for each line)

They had troubles but they trusted in God
They had troubles but they trusted in God
They had troubles but they trusted in God
All those pilgrim boys and girls
(Shake finger several times, then put hands in prayer position and lift. Repeat)

They made friends with some helpful indians
They made friends with some helpful indians
They made friends with some helpful indians
All those pilgrim boys and girls
(Grasp both hands in front of you and move up and down as if shaking hands. Repeat)

They had a feast and we call it Thanksgiving
They had a feast and we call it Thanksgiving
They had a feast and we call it Thanksgiving
Pilgrim and indian boys and girls.
(Pretend to be eating food.)

Then we made a Paper Plate Mayflower. I used an idea I had used way back when Tabitha and Amelia were preschoolers, and I added some printable parts from A Little Pinch of Perfect.

You will need:

Plain white paper plates
Craft sticks
The printables from A Little Pinch of Perfect (or create your own sails and leave off the fold-over info)
Acrylic paint (Blue and Brown)
White Glue
Brown construction paper (for printing out the info about the Mayflower to glue on)

All I had to do in preparation for this craft was print and cut out the printables and cut some paper plates in half. Each child needs a whole plate and a half a plate.

The first thing I had the children do was paint the half a plate brown and then paint half of the whole plate blue (for the sky).

I just put a little paint on the paper plates and had them spread it around with the paintbrush, giving them more if needed. It eliminated the need for separate paint cups.

We then set them to dry while they went to snack and gym time.

When they came back the plates were dry. They glued the brown half-plate onto the white half of the whole plate.

Then I had them put white glue on the bottom of 4 craft sticks and put them down between the plates for the masts.

Then they glued on the sails.

We then talked about the information on the fold-over page. After that we glued it on to the front.


And these are the books we read.

The first one to help the children understand what Thanksgiving is.

And these two because they incorporated the counting that we had in the song.

Let's take a look at that review schedule real quick:

Last week I posted my review of the new books from Kregel Publications, the Goldtown Beginnings books featuring Jem Coulter. This week I am sharing reviews of some books from Mattie Richardson,  and Elephant Learning Math Academy. And next week you will find the review for LitWits Kits.

Here are some things I would like to share with you:

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