Monday, January 13, 2014

Muffin Tin Monday: K is for Kangaroo and other things too

Well, I didn't realize it has been almost 2 months since I posted a muffin tin meal. It seems that there are not as many people doing muffin tins anymore and the blog where I used to link them up is no longer hosting a linky. We have been having muffin tins on occasion, but nothing fancy or worthy of sharing as we had been taking a break from lesson time. Today we started back up with our regularly scheduled schooling and I thought I would make a fun muffin tin.

I have to tell you, K is not that easy to make a meal for. And K is the letter we are up to in our My Father's World curriculum. We will be learning about Kangaroos for the next couple of weeks. I decided to focus on the kangaroo's pouch because our Words to Remember are, "I am safe in God." The kangaroo's pouch is a safe place for the joey (baby kangaroo).

I used half of a whole wheat pita pocket for the pouch and stuck a pickle slice cut in half inside for the joey's ears. Then I used some cheese to form the letter "k." I stuck some sauteed kale at the side of the pouch to represent the vegetation the kangaroo would eat. Then we had kielbasa with some ketchup to dunk them in. Our fruit is kiwi, of course. And we had Hershey's Kisses to represent God's love because he loves us so much he keeps us safe. 

I figured the children could put the kale, kielbasa and cheese in the pita to make it into a sandwich, but they didn't really care for that idea. Unfortunately they didn't like the taste of the kale or the pita. I thought it was pretty tasty, though I wasn't supposed to have the wheat. Oh well, I have been bad for a few week's now.

Of course they gravitated to the Kisses. I told them they could have one, then they needed to eat the rest of the lunch.

Not sure what is with the head tilt here:

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  1. Your ideas for a Kk muffin tin meal are great! I love the kangaroo's pouch. :)

    I think there are tons of people still doing muffin tin meals...but like you mentioned, there is no longer a blogger who consistently hosts a linky party for them. Maybe you could host one each week??! :D


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