Monday, January 20, 2014

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr: Muffin Tin and More

Yes, we had school today. I know some schools have today as a holiday, but we just use holidays (except for Christmas and Thanksgiving) to learn why that specific day is a "holiday." No, we didn't do our My Father's World work today. We focused on Martin Luther King Jr. We talked about segregation and integration, and how "black" or "negro" people were not considered equal to "white" people in the past. We discussed how all people are made in the image of God, created by Him, no one being more or less important than others. I found a copy of Martin Luther King Jr's speech online and read parts of it to the children.

When we were done discussing what I felt was appropriate for their age group I had the girls color a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. and then we made a craft that I found on Pinterest. We used a different quote and construction paper instead of card stock, but essentially it is the same craft.

The older girls traced their own hands, but I traced and cut out the younger children's.

Then I made the same muffin tin I have made in the past. I may have attempted something different, but Tabitha specifically requested this. She actually remembered what we had had in it.

The sandwich demonstrates segregation while the rest of the compartments are demonstrating integration.

And we had our chocolate milk again. Here it is, still segregated.

The children integrated their sandwiches.

And I made the chocolate milk. Isn't integration more fun?

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