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Littles Learning Link Up: Under the Sea Unit: Introduction and All About Fish Book

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Here's a peek at what we have been up to in our homeschool.

Last week was a no-school week, so we didn't do much. Though we did work on a bit of our geography with Let's Go Geography. That review will be posting this week. Other than that, we didn't get much done. Of course, Harold's birthday was on Monday, so they spent the day playing games and big sister Krystal came over. He chose homemade veggie lovers pizza for dinner and we had cake and ice cream. I didn't get a chance to share the pictures last week for Wordless Wednesday, so I hope to have time to do that this week. 

Moving on to our preschool lesson:

During our last penguin lesson, while we were waiting for the paint to dry on the handprint penguins, I started our new Under the Sea lessons. Technically, the only reason we were still on the penguin unit that week, was because of more than half the class being absent the week before. So, I segued from penguins swimming in the sea, to discussing what they eat that lives in the sea, and their predator that live in the sea. Then I had them list other creatures that live under the water. 

Next I decided to read Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae.

We talked about the different oceans and seas on Earth.

Then the children put together a simple under the sea picture. I had them glue some yellow construction paper on the bottom of a piece of blue construction paper. Then they colored some ocean animals and the glued them onto the ocean habitat. A couple on the floor, a couple swimming in the middle, then a couple at the top.

Under the Sea Collages:

The following week we continued our Under the Sea unit by focusing on fish. I read the book Swimmy by Leo Lionni.

Here are all the supplies used for the All About Fish Book.

We started with the Handprint Fish craft, which ended up becoming the cover of the book.

You will need a light blue paper for the background. I decided to paint them with blue watercolor paint the night before. If you have time with your children, they could paint it themselves, but we are limited to the 2- one hour classes, one time a week, so I have to get some things prepped in advance. I decided the watercolor paint gave it the water feel that I wanted. 

You will also need acrylic paints for the handprints and a paintbrush. The marker was for them to draw on the eyes and such.

The other mom and I went around to the children one at a time and had them choose two colors for their handprint fish. That is why there are no pictures of this step. We made sure to have the fingers face away from each other as those are the tails. Though we did have one boy who wanted their fish to be swimming away from each other.

Then we used green paint for seaweed. For this step they just needed their fingers painted.

Then we added white fingerprints for bubbles.

We set them to dry, and they worked on their "Parts of a Fish" page.

I had printed out a picture of a labeled fish, plus one where I had blanked out the words. I gave them the one with the blanked out words and I cut the words out of the other one for them to glue on. So, first they colored the fish orange, then we talked about each part, pointed to it, and labeled it.

When they came back from gym, I had the papers set up in the order we were going to finish them off in.

 They had to add eyes and a mouth to the handprint fish.

Then they glued the Parts of a Fish page to a piece of blue construction paper. And next, I gave them little tidbits of information about fish, and they glued them onto the third page of their book.

Then, I stapled their books together.

As it was Valentine's week, we finished the day with Heart Whale Valentines for them to give to their parents.

I decided to let them cut out their own hearts, because otherwise there wasn't much to do to make these their own work.

Then they decorated them, added heart sticker eyes and a mouth. The tail was formed with a smaller heart folded in half and the water spout is a small blue heart. On the inside we wrote, "I Whaley Love You."

We sang the song, "One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Once I caught a fish alive." Plus a song that goes to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus." We found a video for this song online, but I don't have signal at the camp, so we didn't watch it. I just wrote down the words. There were five different ocean animals. And, of course, I added motions.

The shark in the ocean goes chomp, chomp, chomp, 
Chomp, chomp, chomp
Chomp, chomp, chomp
The shark in the ocean goes chomp, chomp, chomp

Same pattern for the following:

The turtle in the ocean goes snap, snap, snap...
The crab in the ocean goes click, click, click...
The jellyfish in the ocean goes wibble wobble wibble
The fish in the ocean goes swish, swish, swish (though the one girls wanted to do, The fish in the ocean goes swimmy, swimmy, swimmy...)

We will be continuing the Under the Sea ocean for at least another month. Well, there are lots and lots of ocean animals you know. 

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