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Littles Learning Link Up: Penguin Unit- Lesson 2: Emperor Penguins

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Here's a peek at what we have been up to in our homeschool.

In our history lessons we have been learning about Japan and China.  We learned things I don't remember learning, like Japan's great leader, Hideyoshi and the first Tokugawa ruler. Then we looked at how Japan closed it's doors to all other countries except a select few. Then we started learning about China, reading about the Manchu conquest of the Ming Empire. The children have gotten to reenacting with their Lego blocks while I am reading. 

That's really all that is new. The children continue to do their math independently and we try to fit English in.  

Science is definitely being neglected a bit right now, though we have started working on some geography with Let's Go Geography, a new review product. We are skipping around in the program, so we can learn about countries we have focused on in our history reading. So, right now, we are learning about Japan. The children are watching different videos that have been linked and we worked on some map work and the flag. 

Moving on to our preschool lesson:

We have been working on our penguin lesson.

We sing the songs I came up with every week.

Did You Ever See a Penguin (tune of Did You Ever See a Lassie)

Did you ever see a penguin, a penguin, a penguin
did you ever see a penguin waddle around?
Waddle this way and that way, waddle this way and that way
Did you ever see a penguin waddle around?

See the Penguins (tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb)

See the penguins standing there, standing there standing there
See the penguins standing there,
In Antarctica

They would go tobogganing, tobogganing, tobogganing
The would go tobogganing
Down the snowy hill.

Of course I have motions and movements for these like our songs from last year.

We also sang our snowy, winter songs from last winter.

We read the book The Emperor's Egg by Martin Jenkins.

I thought it would be cute to make a penguin out of a toilet paper roll. But, I wanted a bit more. So, I decided to glue it to a paper plate, adding cotton balls for snow. Then I decided to wrap the paper plate up with foil first, to give it an icy feel. I then decided to finish it up with a white pompom on the penguin's feet for an egg. Because you know, Emperor Penguins incubate their eggs on the dad's feet under the flap of skin to keep them toasty warm.

Here are the materials you will need:

Paper plates
Foil to cover the plates
School glue
Construction paper (black, white and orange)
Cotton Balls
Paint brushes
Black Paint
Toilet paper rolls
white pompoms (about 1/2 in)
Wiggle eyes

I love having children paint toilet paper rolls. All they have to do is hold it with one hand, sticking most of their fingers inside, and then paint with the other hand.

We set them aside to dry while the children went to snack and gym. When they came back they glued on the white bellies and black flippers.

While they were drying, the children worked on their snowy habitat. I had them start by pulling the cotton balls apart gently, trying not to separate them but keep them in long strands.

Then we glued them onto the foil-covered plate.

We left a section in the middle uncovered and then they glued on the penguins feet.

Then we put a bunch of glue down and glued the toilet roll penguins to it.

Last, we added the wiggle eyes and beak. I'm not sure if this would have been easier to do before gluing the penguin on. I did it afterward so they wouldn't knock it while attaching it to the plate, but then it was difficult to glue them on because they were standing upright.

We set them aside to dry and worked on making a life-sized emperor penguin. I used this opportunity to talk about measurements such as inches and feet.

I had already taped the black paper together and attached it to the wall. Then the children took turns adding different features.

Then the children took turns standing next to it to see who was taller, the child or the penguin. They learned that the penguin was taller than all of them. I then cut pieces of yarn in the children's heights for them to take home.

For our final activity, the children practiced standing with a hard boiled egg balanced on their feet.

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