Friday, October 7, 2016

Field Trip Friday: Civil War Weekend at the Park

We had the opportunity to join in with the school day of the Civil War Weekend a couple of weeks ago. As homeschoolers we were asked to join a school group, and we followed along as they went from station to station, learning about different aspects of the Civil War, both North and South, from Civil War reenactors. It was a wonderful way to finish up our My Father's World Adventures in U.S. History year.

Our guide happened to be the soldier who told everyone it was time to move to the next station by firing his gun.

You didn't want to find yourself with this soldier. He was the one who dished out punishments. We learned about some of these harsh punishments.

Comparing the differences in these two guns.

The one on the right was a lot trickier to load while kneeling for instance.

Lunch and play time. So glad this was at the park, so the children could have a chance to play.

Now for some queasiness. Right after lunch we got to stop by the surgical tent. Poor guy needed an amputation. Earlier in the day, the ambulance had actually stopped by because someone fainted at this station. Or so I was told.

Obviously fake extremities.

I think someone wasn't quite interested in the information we were learning. At least he was keeping busy.

And so were they.

Learning how school would have been. See Tabitha squeezed in there with the big school kids.

Learning how laundry was done.

Getting to use a slate and slate pencil.

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