Monday, November 16, 2015

C is for...Caterpillar Word Family Chart

I began this Blogging Through the Alphabet journey a couple of weeks ago, and I am determined to stay faithful this time around. I might not always post on the same day of the week, but I have every plan to post something each week.

Cristi from Through the Calm and Through the Storm and Meg from Adventures with Jude are hosting this weekly party. All are welcome to join in. You don't have to be a Schoolhouse Review Crew blogger or a homeschooler, but you do have to keep your posts family-friendly.

Here is how I decided my "theme" for this round of Blogging Through the Alphabet. As I was going through old blog posts recently, I noticed I have some neat ideas for activities and crafts that I did with in the past. Unfortunately, I always included them in my weekly wrap up posts or more recently in Poppins Book Nook posts, so they sort of got buried. I can't really share them as individual activities or create pinnable images to promote them and share my ideas, which is why I started this blog in the first place (to share my ideas with others who work with children). So, I am going to make new posts for these ideas.

One of the benefits in doing this is, I am remembering these ideas that I had forgotten, which means I can now do these activities with the younger children. I will be sharing the old pictures and possibly sharing new pictures of the younger children participating.

Several years ago I created a fun way for the girls to work on their word families. We were doing Letter of the Week, and were up to the letter C.  Caterpillars were quite popular while we were doing that unit, which is what led to this activity.

C is for . . . Caterpillar Word Family Chart

First I made the background by taping together some blue and green construction paper. I then made the caterpillars by tracing a circle onto the green grassy area. I made some short and some long as you can see. I then used different colors of construction paper to make the caterpillars heads. I cut out more circles in the same colors as the heads and wrote the words on the circles. Each caterpillar focused on one word family. These were used to word on C-V-C words. Lastly, I attached Velcro to the caterpillars and to the backs of the word circles.

The girls enjoyed building the caterpillars as they read the words on the circles.

Time to go cut out some circles so Hannah and Harold can start building caterpillars.

You could laminate the circles to help them last longer. I usually use clear contact paper for lamination purposes. This is a trick I learned while working at the Montessori. I didn't laminate these as I figured it wasn't that difficult to cut out more circles.

Blogging Through the Alphabet” style=


  1. What a fun idea! I have a friend that's worried about her kindergartener's school work, especially reading skills. I'm going to send her this link.

  2. This is very cute! My beginning reader loves animals and insects--I'm sure he'd love this idea!

  3. What a great idea / activity! I love hands on learning that is fun, cute and colorful! Even though we are past this stage in our schooling - it still helps me to think "out of the box" for what we still have yet to do! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a cute idea! I'm pinning this for future reference. #LearningKid


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