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Toddler Ideas Tuesday: February 25th, 2014


Welcome back to Toddler Idea Tuesdays! Have you been busy with your young children?

This week I wanted to share some of the projects we have done in the past to help learn colors. I thought this would be an appropriate week to share this because of St. Patrick's Day coming up very soon. Yes, St. Patrick's Day is all about the Green, but it is also about rainbows, so each year we take the opportunity to learn about each color for 2-3 days until by St. Patrick's Day we are ready to put them all together into a rainbow. 

Here are some of the ways we have focused on one color at a time. 

We have made collages of each color. I will search for objects on Google Images that are usually a specific color, like red strawberries, hearts, roses, or yellow bananas, lemons, canaries, etc. I print them out and have the children color them the appropriate color. They are cut out and glued onto paper with other objects of the same color. We have been known to color or paint the paper too. 

Then I will take the same pictures and print them onto matching construction paper. Sometimes we have used these for collages, especially when we spent a lot of time coloring/painting the paper. I also use them for a color scavenger hunt.

We used to store them on envelopes on the play room door.

Also related, I will have the children go and find objects of the color we are learning about and have them bring them into the living room or dining room to see what they have found.

And while we are focusing on the color I will make color muffin tin meals.

Here is an example of each color.

And here are some of our color combining and rainbow projects:

Ice Cube Color Mixing

String Painting

Coloring Mixing Hand Prints

Ripped paper Rainbow

Rainbow Salad

Rainbow Muffin Tin

Now onto:

Toddler Idea Tuesday Features

Once again I enjoyed the different posts that were shared last week. Here is a bit of a highlight. 

Rena from An Ordinary Housewife shared her DIY Sandbox. It looks so simple to make and I know the kids will have a blast with it.

Jen from Chestnut Grove Academy shared a fun science experiment to demonstrate how salt melts ice.

Hayley from Minne Mama shared her fun Color Toss Activity.

Lisa from Our Country Road shared a whole bunch of fun looking Valentine's tray activities. 

The Most Popular Post

Lisa from A Rup Life shared Preschool Homeschool- Tot School. In this post you will find her list of goals for her son's preschool learning, what she is using to accomplish these goals and her daily schedule. If you are looking for some ideas I hope you will stop by and see what she posted. 

What sort of activities do you do with your toddler? Do you have some favorite activities you would like to share? Do you have any fun St. Patrick's Day activities you would like to share?  I invite you to link up below. I will be pinning posts on my Toddler Ideas board and I would love to feature some of the activities each week from what is linked up. Please know I may share a picture from your post and link back to it, along with sharing how we used your idea in our toddler time. By linking up you are giving me permission to use a picture from your post. I will ALWAYS give credit and link back. Additionally, if you choose to try out any of the ideas with your toddler, please make sure you give credit where credit is due.



  1. Yay! Thank you for featuring my post!!!

  2. Hi! I added my link above, but am new to the blogger world. I'm not sure how to add your button (Tot Tuesday) to my blog. Thank you for the opportunity to share and learn new games/ideas! Blessings, Jessica

  3. My son loves colors...he is obsessed with bright colors.Love these ideas. Cute!

  4. you guys look like you had so much fun. I want to come over and play!

  5. Your food ideas are so awesome!! I've really got to try them for St. Patty's day! Thanks for sharing them!

  6. Aw, collages - our new favorite! Thanks for great ideas!

  7. I love all the different ideas you came up with for learning colors! Those muffin tin meals are something my daughter would love!

  8. So many fun ideas. I love the ripped paper rainbow!


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