Sunday, November 20, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: November 20, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday items: Mainly One Color, Around the Home, Reflection, Writing and Water

Mainly One Color

I was hoping for some snow this week because I wanted to use this prompt for the color white so I could make it my picture for the Shades of  Autumn challenge. I remember thinking the neighbors fence and house were perfect, but sure needed some more white, wouldn't it be nice if it snowed. I got my wish on Friday morning.  Sorry everyone.
Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge

Around the House

For the life of me I didn't know what to do for this prompt. I was trying to figure out what would be interesting around my house. My son suggested going outside the house and get pictures of the girls running around the house. That might have worked, except for the fact that he suggested it tonight after it was already dark. Then Hannah wanted to help put away the silverware, like she has started to do more often. It wasn't until she was almost done that it dawned on me that the children helping out around the house would be a great shot for this prompt. And who best to star, but my newest little helper.

Thursday night was the first night the "new" gas station was ready for business. This gas station has been here for as long as I have lived in the area and recently was bought by Acorn Markets. I shared pictures during the summer of the demolition of the thrift shop next door. And we have been watching them put up the new pumps with rapt attention. They were finally done this week and when I looked out the window I saw the way the lights reflected in the puddles, I had to take some pictures.


Miss Hannah loves to write and color these days. She makes papers filled with swirls and scribbles. It amazes me how perfectly she holds a pen with no direction from us. Tabitha had been the same way. I took these shots at the Bills game two weeks ago, but when I saw the prompt, I knew what I wanted to share.

There is a little pond between our home and where we go to church. On the way to story time the other day I saw these ducks and some geese congregating there. So on the way home I stopped to take some pictures. I thought this would be a great shot for water. Love the ripples and the wake of the ducks. 

Happily Mother After

I shared some daddy time pictures this week for Wordless Wednesday. These are some of my favorites of daddy with his girls this week.

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  1. I like your photos, especially Hannah writing.

  2. I love your water shot! Such a sweet helper!

  3. These are all great! Love your little helpers around the home!

  4. Your winter white was great. We got over a foot of one color. Great reflection but your around the home is the one. Thanks

  5. Love your around the house. The writing is great. Thanks

  6. Adorable pictures!!!

    Here via the Friday Blog Hop!

  7. That photo is SO cuteI'm a new Friday Follower! Your site is so cute! Check out my post if there is a Santa Claus:!

  8. oh no to the snow!! Love your little helper

  9. A great set of photos for the hunt. So many helpers, you are very lucky.

  10. I love watching little people copy the adults they watch. My granddaughter loves doing what her momma does. She will put on her hat, grab her purse, and tell everyone she's going shopping. She also makes food for them in her kitchen. The imaginations are awesome!

  11. I am a little jealous. No snow here. And boy was white hard for me. Thanks so much for sharing your pics for the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge. Make sure to stop back next week with a favorite autumn photo for a chance to win some fab prizes.

  12. Wonderful choices, and I love your little helper around the house. So sweet!

  13. Such sweet set this week! I really get a happy homely vibe in them.

  14. What a wonderful family you have! I enjoyed each and every one of the cuties. :)

  15. Nice series.
    Mainly One Color - Okay I have to admit I'm not a lover of (snow) but your shot is pretty.
    Around The House - So sweet and charming.
    Writing - Adorable
    Reflection - Really Neat
    Water - Beautiful and Peaceful looking.

  16. Great job - I really like your around the home shot.

  17. I like the colors that you picked up in the street on the reflection shot!! The black, white, red, grays look very cool!


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