Thursday, June 16, 2011

My First Used Curriculum Sale

On Tuesday we attended our first used curriculum sale.  These sales are put on annually at the Family Life Ministries (home of Family Life Network, the Christian station we listen to).  We really wanted to go, have a look around, get a feel for what is out there, see if anyone had any resources available for the curriculum we are looking into for the future.  No luck there really.  But I did get a few things I can use with the girls next year to enhance their learning.

I plan on going through the alphabet again with Amelia, including Hannah (the way I included Amelia while I was teaching Tabitha) and we are going to be doing some new things, like puppets from the Interlock curriculum and once again making the alphabet books we made last year, while doing the word cards and the chalk board.  I found these huge flashcards that I thought would be a great addition:

Then I came across the teacher's editions for the First grade Abeka readers I have started using with Tabitha. The great thing is, I am actually missing some of the readers, which I didn't realize, so I can just let her read out of the teacher edition.  The teacher's notes will be a huge benefit for me.

Then I found some random resources that just looked fun.

And some simplified Little House books to read at bedtime.  I think the Tabitha at least liked Little House in the Big Woods, but it was still over her head.  I enjoy reading the chapter books in addition to picture books, but it is hard to find books for the girls' understanding level.

So while I am still up in the air about the curriculum we will be using after the Weaver Interlock, I did have a good time at the sale.  Next time we think we would prefer to have a babysitter though.


  1. I missed our local used curriculum sale because I had both boys and the little one was sick (but I think I had everything I needed before)

    what great BOOKS - we love BOOKS !!

  2. Congratulations! It looks like you had some great finds!



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