Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday: March 1, 2011

Time once again for some cute comments from the little ones of the family.

Like most of what Tabitha says, I am not sure where this came from:
Tabitha: Why do we like eggs?
Mom: Because they taste good.
Tabitha: No, that's not it.  We like eggs because they don't have cottage cheese in them.

I was sitting at the dining room table with Hannah while she finished eating. I looked over at Tabitha sitting at the computer and noticed she was looking at the keyboard.  She had just finished a game.  
Tabitha: I'm trying to see how to put it to sleep.
Mom: It goes to sleep on it's own.
Tabitha: Then I gotta put a blanket on it.
Mom: Ah, no.
Tabitha: But it's cold.

Here is one from Amelia.  We were brushing teeth, getting ready for bed.  Between spitting she said, "My teeth was trying to fell out."

On day Amelia was laughing for some reason.  I asked, "What's that?"
Amelia answered, "That me laughing."

Another night during dinner the children saw a flashing orange light outside and called it orange lightening.  It was actually a tow truck.  A little bit later, still sitting at dinner, they got to talking about how if the lightening comes we have to go down in the basement. (We had to head to the basement once before with in the last year because of a tornado warning.)  I really can't remember who said this but, 
"He's back to his own home."
Mom: Who?
"The thunder."
Reminds me of the other thing Amelia has been saying lately (so the above quote is probably from her).  When the fire hall siren goes off the children get scared as we live right across the street.  And every Monday evening they do a test.  When the siren stops, Amelia will say, "It's gone back to its home." and  "Where does the siren live?"

When Amelia was in the bathroom the other day she bumped her head, though at the time I wasn't sure what was wrong as she was with daddy.  She said, "I hurt my hair."

The one day, Tabitha had finished a picture.  She put it on the floor and asked, "How do I jump into the picture?"

And of course we have had a stomach bug going through the family. The one day Tabitha said, "I'm still sick. Don't feel good.  Just have a little more to go."

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  1. LOVE that she wanted to give the computer a blanket! That is so cute!

    Happy TTT!


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