Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hannah is 11 months old

I can not believe that Hannah is almost a year old.  She is continuing to get more mobile, not a surprise, I know.  I mentioned last month that she hadn't found the steps yet.  She has since found them but has not yet tried to climb them.  I believe that will be any day now.  She is crawling all over the place.  When she is in the walker she maneuvers it so well through the tight corners.  She gets to sit in the walker in the mornings if she is up while I am still exercising.  She eats her Cheerios and walks around waiting for mommy to be done.  Just the other day Hannah stood up for the first time with out any assistance.  She has been standing with the help of furniture and then the Wii Balance Board

She can now stand up in the middle of the floor with no help whatsoever. Unfortunately I have yet to get a picture.

She also enjoys playing with blocks.  She has stacked one alphabet type block on top of the other.  She seems to like to focus on one sign at a time.  Now that she can sign please, she signs it all the time.  But she isn't signing milk anymore.  There were a couple of times when she wanted a snack and she pointed to and poked her tray to show me where she wanted it.  She is also starting to really enjoy using the crayons, though she still thinks they make nice snacks.  

I know she is growing up fast. But I don't think she is old enough for underwear yet:

Here is her 11 month picture

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  1. Aw, Happy 11 Months! My little guy is just starting to walk too, and I think it is so cute to watch him catch his balance in different spots. Congratulations to your new toddler!


  2. She is SO precious & getting SO big! Can't believe she is almost 1! Sorry mama, time flies & it's depressing! Now it's time for another! :) Pudge just turned 3 months yesterday & I am already asking if we can have a 5th! Thank you for linking oo your little blessings to my Baby Blessings blog hop! :)
    ♥ Nicole


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