Thursday, March 3, 2011

Breakfast for Dinner Thursdays March 3, 2011

Tots and Me

It is the second week of Breakfast for Dinner Thursdays.  If you have eaten breakfast for dinner this week, I invite you to blog about it and link up here.  It would be great if you could share what you like to eat and the recipes.  

This week we had pancakes again. I had bigger and better plans, but I ended up having to have some minor surgery done (I had to have a benign cyst removed and I am fine) so I didn't feel like making anything too involved.  Pancakes seemed simple enough.  We decided to go with the cinnamon apple pancakes from last week, with some with chopped walnuts for me.  Hannah ate a pancake all by herself!  We had scrambled eggs as well.  I made myself one whole egg and one egg white and threw the extra yolk in with the other eggs for the rest of the family.  This was a tip I learned over at Plus Size Bloggers which is a weight loss challenge site that I am involved in with my other blog, Turn My Life Around.  (Hey, you may want to head over there and enter my giveaway for a CSN Stores GC, it ends March 12).  I also added some onion and broccoli to mine.  Should have added some spinach too, but I only just thought about it.

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