Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Menu Plan Monday: Week of February 28th


Well my first week of menu planning went pretty smoothly.  The boiled potatoes on Wednesday became microwaved "baked" potatoes due to lack of time.  And the carrots became glazed carrots by request (they didn't have to twist my arm on that one.  I found the recipe over at allrecipes.com a while ago and though the combinations in the recipe sound weird, they are really very good.  I use half the ranch mix called for though, it was unintentional at first, I boobooed, but we found we liked it.).  Friday and Saturday got switched around because my daughter was the one I was making the tacos for and she was at her dad's due to the weather.  And we had leftovers for Sunday lunch, then baked ham with homemade potato salad and green salad for dinner.  The pork from Monday is really good shredded up, cooked in more mushroom soup with the extra from the crock pot thrown in, over rice.

Here is this week's menu:
Monday: F foods (muffin tins for the girls) fish, french fries, french cut green beans, fruit cocktail, frozen treat (Italian Ice)
Tuesday: Chicken Tacos
Wednesday: Split Pea Soup
Thursday: Breakfast For Dinner Thursday
Friday: Pizza and salad
Saturday: Chili dogs
Sunday: Leftovers one meal, pizza the other

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Tots and Me

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  1. yum! Sounds like a great plan for the week! I love knowing what I am making!


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