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Mommy and Me Monday March 7, 2011

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I've been playing with the photo editing effects on our new computer.  These pictures are a little blurry as the girls were taking the pictures.  I felt using the effects helped soften some of the blurriness.
These first 2 were taken by Tabitha:

And this one was taken by Amelia:

Unfortunately Amelia got tired of taking pictures before she got one of Tabitha and I.


  1. Pretty little ladies and they seem to be very sweet too! Visiting for MMM!

  2. Blurry or not your girls are precious!

  3. you have a sweetheart there! They're so lovely and adorable :)


  4. Precious moments to treasure!

    Mommy and Me at my page. Have a great week ahead.

  5. Having fun with pictures and kids always great

  6. These are cute pics mom. And its a same that you dont have one of you and Tabitha because Amelia was tired of it. You should have let Hannah take one to see if she even could take one.

  7. aww!!! great to have little photographers there huh. well done and never mind the blur. =)

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  9. So cute when they want to be the photographers...even if it's a little blurry!

    Thanks for linking up.


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