Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: April 10th, 2011

Time to share this week's finds/interpretations for Scavenger Hunt Sunday:
This week we were to be looking for:
Motion, Waiting to Click, In Fashion, Animal's Perspective and Many.

Hubby was putting a balloon and a hat on the fan and starting it to watch it fly off.  I thought it would make a great motion shot.

 Waiting to Click
For Hannah's first birthday we had my mom and hubby's parents come over.  Krystal made the cake.  While I was "waiting to click" to get a picture of Hannah actually looking at the camera with a bright beautiful smile on her face (yeah right) she decided to dig in.  Notice the finger tracks.

 In Fashion
A fashion statement in this house is Miss Tabitha and her insistence on wearing her shirts over her jumpers instead of underneath.

 Pet's Perspective
As we do not have any pets I decided to take a photo from the inside of our old birdcage (from when we had two parakeets before realizing I was really really allergic to birds).  This shot is taken from the perspective of my camera bird sitting on the perch.

And I couldn't help but share this photo of my older boys which was taken years ago (they are almost 19 and 18 now).  Floyd decided he wanted to see what the cage looked like from the perspective of the bunny I guess.

Found this jar of jelly beans sitting on the counter in the children's section of the library when we were there for Story Time on Friday.  It is a classic game of Guess How Many Jellybeans are in the jar.

And what would a trip to the library be without a shot of the many books on the shelf.

Head on over to Ashley's blog to see other great interpretations.


  1. Very nice job - as always, you guys seem to be having fun with these photos.

  2. Great job, I love the birdcage.


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