Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Fun Photography

I really need to start being more faithful in getting photos taken for Perceptive Perspective over at Hollie's blog.
This week's theme is blue

Then I decided I wanted to continue looking for Groups of Three,
This was an item for Scavenger Hunt Sunday last week, which was also the current exploration at The Kat Eye View.  

Here is what I found:

These are the crosses on the side of our church.  I had wanted to take a picture of them last Sunday, but I had forgotten my camera.  So glad I can still link up with Exploring With a Camera.

Tabitha actually brought my attention to this group during breakfast last week.  She said the cereal was all lined up.  The girls get to choose one healthy cereal, followed by one sweet cereal.  These were their choices that morning.  I didn't line them up like this to take the picture.  This is how they were.  I thought it was perfect.


  1. I love it when you spot things like this in the everyday! It is perfect how those boxes lined up. Thanks for continuing to look for the groups of three, and linking up!

  2. Good idea with the cereal (2 healthy, 1 sweet)! I should try that with my girls!

  3. Those first two shots are really clever!

  4. I really like the 3 crosses picture!


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