Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quarterly Top 5 #1

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I am so upset with myself. I found out about this link up a few days ago. Unfortunately I remembered the information wrong.  Yesterday was the last day to link up.  I thought it was the 8th.  However, I still wanted to share my 5 favorite pictures from the first quarter of 2011 (Jan, Feb and March).  So, I now know about this and hopefully will remember to link up on time at the end of the next quarter.  If you would like to see other's favorite photos of their children and/or pets from the first quarter of 2011 just click on the banner above.
Here are my favorite photos, and no it was NOT an easy job picking five.  I wanted to make sure to pick one favorite for each of the girls and then two extra.

I love this picture of the girls celebrating the creation of our sweet snowman.  Even Krystal got involved after she got home from school.

Tabitha is enjoying her birthday cake.  This piece was one of the ice cream cone towers of her fairy castle cake (no real ice cream involved)

I just thought the way Hannah fell asleep in her car seat resting on her hand was adorable.

Another picture of all the girls together.  Krystal had been playing the piano by herself and each girl joined her one by one until they were all playing together.

I love this picture and when I added the matte effect from my computer I loved it even more.

A sweet shot of daddy reading to Amelia.

I know, I ended up with 6 photos.  I couldn't decide between the two with Krystal in them.  And seeing as the link up is officially closed, I guess I can cheat a little.  Next quarter I will follow the rules and link up on time.


  1. I love them. So cute. Very sorry you missed the date. We will do it again in June.

  2. So sweet! I love the one where the baby fell asleep on her hand in the carseat.


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