Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tabitha's Surprise

Oh my goodness, Tabitha is such a sweetheart. Yesterday she woke up so upset because she didn't get to do her "plan." Her plan was a secret, but I was able to determine that it had something to do with getting up after I put Harold to bed and I was asleep. The she planned to surprise me with something. But she wouldn't tell me what.
She spent a great deal of time yesterday drawing a blueprint of her plan which I was in no way to look at. When daddy woke up she shared her plan with him. Then Amelia wanted in on the secret. Daddy was not too thrilled with the idea of getting up after I was asleep to get Tabitha and Amelia up to do whatever. That could perhaps be because I go to sleep late most nights. In order to not disappoint my daughter we ended up going upstairs directly after dinner (which didn't thrill me as we didn't do our after-dinner chores) and getting ready for bed. Would you believe baby Harold chose last night to not want to go to sleep. So daddy left me, Harold and Hannah in the bedroom and must have convinced Tabitha and Amelia that this was the best shot they were going to get to do their surprise.
When I woke up, I discovered what Tabitha's plan had been.

Here is daddy's little corner of the room.

Even the dining room chairs/stools got decorated.

NO, we hadn't decorated for Christmas yet. It's not that I am procrastinating, I just haven't had time. 


  1. Oh! How sweet of her! You should be proud of her. She is also so thoughtful of mommy and wants to help!!!

  2. That is so cute of her! My daughter makes blueprints of her plans as well. Too funny!


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