Saturday, December 22, 2012

Spur of the Moment- Jar Christmas Decoration

Yesterday morning Tabitha was in a mood to decorate, I guess. I am not sure how much help she had, but she was the one who brought me a jar with 4 candles sticking out of it. I thought it would make a cute little Christmas decoration, but needed a little something extra. One, it was just in a plain old spaghetti sauce jar. Two, the candles weren't very secure.
I saw a sting of silver beads lying on the floor and asked her to get it for me. Together we figured out that the beads needed to be in before the candles did, so I took the candles out and put the beads in, and replaced the candles. Seemed like something was still lacking. So, we took a piece of extra, old garland and cut off a length of it to wrap around the candles on the inside of the jar.
Almost perfect. I decided I wanted to cover the threads at the top of the jar, so we found some ribbon. We just taped that on.

I'm sure you are curious as to what it looks like. Here you go, our spur of the moment, inexpensive Christmas decoration.

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