Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (a couple of days late) December 18, 2012

I sort of missed a couple of weeks, so I am going to share the photos for this week first, but then I will share the photos I did  get for last week.

This week's prompts:
Sparkly, Door, Decorate, Stripes, A Few of My Favorite Things


I had some fun on Picmonkey trying to get this dress of Amelia's to sparkle nicely for this prompt.

Thought this was really pretty, so I drove back to get a picture of it on the way to get my oldest daughter on Friday.


Love the way they decorated our church sanctuary in preparation for Christmas. Each scroll on the tree had a different name of the Lord.

At first I couldn't find anything for "stripes." Then I saw the blinds in our church nursery and thought they would fit the bill. A few minutes later Harold started playing with this cute tiger.

 A Few of My Favorite Things
As I already have a picture of Harold up above I thought I would share this shot of the girls, sharing the results of one of our favorite things, spending time together in the kitchen for Kids and a Mom in the Kitchen. 

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