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Muffin Tin Monday: Angels are God's Messengers

Muffin Tin Monday at

Last week we started reading Luke 1 and 2 in preparation for Christmas. We are using some of the lesson ideas from that I have been privileged to try as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. The review is coming later this week, so stay tuned. We focused quite a bit on angels, so I decided today's muffin tin would also feature these heavenly beings.

Their muffin tins had:
An angel made out of a pb and apple butter sandwich. I cut the sides off to make the gown/robe and decided the parts I cut off looked like wings, so I decided to use them and not waste. The head is just a plain circle cut out of bread with mini M&M eyes and nose, plus a carrot sliver mouth and cheese hair. The pineapple slice is the halo.
We focused on how angels are messengers. I made a couple of different signs. 
First we made angel food cake.

They each took a turn with the mixer.

Even the baby.

I used this as a learning opportunity. They learned that beating the egg whites long enough will form stiff peaks. 

And they learned how to "fold."

Unfortunately we don't have the correct pan, but we liked them anyway.

I wrote the word JOY with Reddi Whip because the angels told the shepherds they brought "good tidings of great joy."

Then I made a scroll that said Jesus because that of course was who the angels were talking about.

I flattened a slice of bread with a rolling pin. Then I cut off the crusts and cut the strip just a little shorter than the pretzel sticks. I put a little peanut butter on each side, placed the pretzel in the pb and rolled.

I then used food coloring on the tip of a toothpick to write the word "Jesus."

The bowtie pasta represents angel wings (they are hiding under the other wings). And the Jello and Reddi Whip represent the sky and clouds, sort of what people always picture as heaven, being above the clouds. This is under the angel's robe. I made sure some of the Reddi Whip was showing to make it appear the angel was above the clouds.

Not sure what this face is all about.

Amelia rolled up the scroll.

While Tabitha read it.

And poor Harold was looking at me wondering why he was left out.

Off course they had to accessorize. Amelia gave the angel a bow.

So Hannah had to follow suit.

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