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Sunday Photo Round Up (Scavenger Hunt Sunday & You Capture) December 2, 2012

I sort of missed a couple of weeks, so I am going to share the photos for this week first, but then I will share the photos I did  get for last week.

This week's prompts:
Missing, Numbers, Purple, Music, Bracelet

Just a box that is missing its contents. 

Thought I would take a picture of our speedometer

Poor Harold is stuck in his sisters' old snow suit. But it is a pretty purple. We were walking out of the store and I loved the way the hood makes him look like a little elf.

Not very original. Just a shot of my oldest daughter's iPod. One of the places where she listens to music. YouTube is another favorite for her.

Here are the pictures I didn't share from the last 2 weeks. For some reason I have really been struggling to capture shots lately.

Vision, Strong, Buttons

These banners are in the front of our church, one on either side of the sanctuary. I figured they sort of show the church's vision.

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago and I figured it would be great for this prompt. Baby Harold started pulling himself up showing how strong he was becoming. And he has just continued to get stronger. He now crawls and cruises the furniture. Won't be long now. 

Found these hanging in Walmart.

Baby Harold was playing with the button on my sweater. I have had this sweater for years, it has holes in it, but I can't stand the thought of parting from it as it is so comfortable.

Home or Thankful, In the Kitchen, Bubbles, Trees

Home or Thankful
How about "Home" and "Thankful" for the prompt. I was so thankful to have friends and family over for our Thanksgiving Celebration in our home. We had to celebrate Thanksgiving on Wednesday as hubby had to work on Thursday. I was a bit bummed that I was just making a big meal for our family, didn't seem very special. So I asked my son and his girlfriend to come over with her 4 children and then hubby asked his parents if they wanted to stop by. It felt so much more festive. 

In the Kitchen
One of the many times the girls are in the kitchen helping me. On this day we were making our Edible Nests to go with our Nn-Nest Unit. I love the look of concentration while they are crushing the shredded wheat.

The girls got to go outside to play in our first snowfall last week. Of course, going out to play in the cold automatically means hot chocolate is needed. Tabitha helped by pouring the hot cocoa mix into the boiling water instead of waiting for me to come and pour it into the cups first. Mixing it up sure did make some fun bubbles.

This was the shot I originally took for this prompt. I loved the layering of the trees. The one close to the road, several behind the field of corn stalks, and the trees on the hill in the far background

But then I saw the Christmas Trees lit up in front of the library today and just had to take a picture. 


This week's prompt is

How about a picture of one of our weekly Muffin Tin Meals. This past week we had a Nn Numbers Muffin Tin

And my favorite shot this week:

Baby Harold was helping mommy and big sister Krystal shop. See? He is even holding the shopping list. Of course, he was mostly trying to eat it. He loves sitting up in the shopping cart. 

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  1. PURPLE!!!!! Love it. How flipping adorable.

  2. Harold is so adorable in that snow suit, I agree an adorable little elf!

  3. What a cute little purple elf. Make sure you show him that one on his first date. :)

  4. He does look like a little elf --- a helpful one at that. How long did the grocery list last before he put it in his mouth?

  5. I think my favorite of all these is the sweater with that little hand clutching the button. Nice set for SHS.


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