Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday: May 31, 2011

Tabitha had been drawing pictures on my back-smiley faces.  They then became a family and then she drew a sky because they were outside then she wouldn't let me get up 'til she drew the grass.  Suddenly it became a garden with swirls across my back, to which she added a square and said it was the park.  It was about then that Amelia came and started rubbing on my back. Tabitha said, "I'm drawing a picture on your back and she's erasing it."  Then they happily worked together.

I asked Amelia what cereal she wanted for breakfast yesterday, as I always do, and she told me "Honey the boats- bunches of oats."  She has called it "Honey the boats" for quite a while now.  This was the first time she corrected herself.

The girls now have a new nickname for Hannah (it actually originated from Amelia):

Head on over to Not Before 7 to see what other's have caught their children saying.


  1. That is just beautiful - honey the boats! love it :-) I think it's a much nicer name than bunches of oats!

  2. Love the "honey the boats" ! THAT is a great mis-name!

    Happy TTT!


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