Sunday, May 8, 2011

No School This Week

Not sure exactly how this happened, but the week is over and I didn't have a chance to do anything resembling a lesson with the girls.  I did make the April Showers Bring May Flowers muffin tin and dessert tray:

When we went to play group this week Tabitha wanted to read to a friend:

Hannah decided to use one of our activities a little differently.  She wanted to put the lids into the jar for the pipe cleaners or sticks.  So I opened it up and let her go at it.

The most distracting thing happened this week.  The park has reopened!  

And they're off:

As I stated, we haven't done a lot in the way of lessons.  But it has been great to get back outside.  A couple of days ago we watched a bumble bee on a dandelion for a while and some ants on some other dandelions.
Today Tabitha called a couple of the trees in the park her "tree house" and we had to climb the roots/steps to get up to her bedroom.  She then found a nice piece of bark on the ground that I told her she could take home.  It even had some moss on it.

And we got to go on our walks again.  I thought it was so cute when they were holding hands:

And we spotted a bird's nest in a old abandoned trailer window.

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