Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Teach Me to Read Thursdays

I originally posted this on May 11th or thereabouts.  I have no idea why, when I went in to edit it switched the post date, I've never had that happen.  Because of all the problems I've had with these posts (see edit below) I am going to leave this as it is now.  All of the posts I had linked up had her button in them, and now none of them do, so I really don't know what happened.  I am going to be sharing a recent post shortly and I am hoping it doesn't get messed up.

I just found (May 11) a great new link up over at Shining Our Lights.  On Thursdays she posts a Teach me to Read Thursdays post which includes a link up.  I actually tried my own version of this last year called Getting Ready For Reading.  Unfortunately it didn't take off the way I had hoped.

Right now Tabitha is doing a great job with her reading, she is reading Level 1 Hello Reader Books, and books like The Cat in the Hat. And she is constantly finding things around the house to read (like cereal boxes and such).  So right now we are not focusing a lot on "getting ready to read."  From the experience with Tabitha I realize that Amelia is not quite ready to read.  She will repeat words after me or her dad, but she is not really paying attention to the words, she does not speak as clearly as Tabitha did and she doesn't understand blending the sounds.

After rereading my posts on "reading pointers" I decided I could start doing some simple activities with Amelia.  I plan on looking back over what I have done with Tabitha and implementing some of what I feel Amelia is ready for.  Stephanie over at Shining Our Lights has some great ideas too.

If you would like to look through my posts on some of the things I had done with Tabitha, lots of which were spur of the moment activities, I invite you to check out my Teach Me to Read Thursdays posts or my Reading Pointers posts.  I hope to have some new posts soon.

edited May 25, 2011
I am not sure what happened to my Teach Me to Read Thursdays links or my Reading Pointers links.  I know this is one of the posts that disappeared when Blogger was down earlier this month.  I almost couldn't find my posts until I went to the link up over at Shining Our Lights and followed them back.  I no longer have a Reading Pointers or Teach Me to Read Thursdays tag in my list.  So, until I can figure this out, you can find those posts by going to my new Reading Tips tag or Getting Ready For Reading.

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  1. Can't wait to follow this along!! My 2 oldest caught on so quickly and easily. I only hope it's the same for my youngest who i 2 years younger than the big kids!


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