Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Words of Wisdom Wednesday: February 16, 2011

Welcome to Words of Wisdom Wednesday. If you are new to Words of Wisdom Wednesday, welcome.  In Words of Wisdom Wednesday I post the answer to the question I posed to the girls this week.  I just want to get them thinking and I am intrigued by the way their minds work.  I invite you to ask the same question to your children and post their answer on your blog.  At the end of the post there will be a linky for you to join up with which will be open all week.  I just ask that you link back here in your post so others can hear about Words of Wisdom Wednesday.  In fact, if you would like to grab my button it is over on my sidebar.

This week I asked the girls:

How do you think we can show someone we love them?

Here is Tabitha's answer:
By giving them Valentines and we see that we love them so much (don't forget the c and the h because it says /ch/.

Mom: Anything else we can do?
Tabitha: I really love Ellie.  I gave her a Valentines card.  (she went into a lengthy monologue about this that I couldn't manage to get recorded)
I really love Miss Amy, 'cause I gave her a Valentine's, it means I love her very much.

Mom: Can you think of anything else we can do to show someone we love them beside giving valentines.
Tabitha: We give them hugs and kisses. That's a nice one.  if we give them presents they'll be so happy then they'll open it up and find a toy.  If we want to give a valentines they'll be so surprised.

I was going to go in and ask Amelia and Tabitha said, "Can I just tell you one more thing?"
I told her she could.
Tabitha: I really love everybody. Amen.

As I was going over to Amelia's room, Tabitha shouted to Amelia, "Don't forget to say amen." I don't think she heard.
Here is Amelia's answer:
Because we tell them every day.

Mom: Is there anything else we can do to show someone we love them.
Amelia: Like this (she showed the ASL sign for I love you, then she proceeded to show me signs for other letters, asking for confirmation).

Mom: Anything else.
Amelia: How 'bout we will be happy.

I'd love for you to join in.

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