Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday: February 22, 2011

A little late posting this, but I was busy improving my blog today (I have been adding pages).
Here are a couple of the amusing things the girls have been saying today:

We were in the bathroom, drying the girls off after their bath and Tabitha was talking about the ladybug crawling along the wall.  Here is the conversation:
Tabitha: I think it's eating our wall, that's why it stopped.
Amelia: Yeah, cause it's hungry.

The next morning we were again in the bathroom, just Amelia and myself, and she noticed the ladybug was on the tiled ceiling.  She said something about it not being on the wall, then she said, "It's eating our 'skee-ers'" translation: squares

Also during the bath, while daddy was drying Tabitha off he was getting her to show her arm muscles, you know, arm at an right angle, let's see those muscles.
Tabitha: It's muscle enough.

One day last week daddy was up for about 24 hours straight.  He went to work, had to stay late, and when he got home we had to deal with car problems.  So that afternoon he understandably crashed on the couch.  Tabitha was making sure he had a blanket and a pillow.  The she started talking about dreams.

Tabitha: If it's a scary dream stay asleep so you don't wake up.

A little bit later:
Tabitha: Daddy, did you have a dream or not.  I know dreams are kind of scary.

Hannah may only be babbling still, but she is now signing two words
"milk" - her first word, which also means drink to her
"please" - which we so far have only seen when she wants her cup at meal time


  1. LOL at the dream comments - I prefer to WAKE up during a scary dream :)

    Happy TTT!

  2. Oh, these are cute. I enjoy hearing tiny-talk. It makes my day!!


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