Monday, February 14, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday: February 15th, 2011


I did not catch many comments on paper this week, unfortunately.  However, I couldn't find my papers last week which is why I didn't post.  I found those papers today.

The one day Tabitha was eating some Yogos.  As she went to put a yellow one in her mouth she said, "I didn't finish green because I didn't swallow it."

Not sure where this one came from, just another random comment from Tabitha, "Dad when you were a kid you started to grow."  Makes sense, doesn't it?

Amelia was going potty and she wanted both stools to use as steps.  When she was done, she stepped on the wooden stool stating, "I'm on the wooden stool.  I'm in the woods."  I said, "Oh, you're in the woods because you're on the wooden stool?"  She said, "Yeah, no, I'm in the woods cause it's Goldilocks and the Three Bears." (The Three Bears is one of the stories the girls like to act out.)

One day, after daddy shaved, Tabitha said, "Dad, is your pokey stuff all gone? ... Dad your pokey stuff's all gone!...Why are you all smooth?"

There, I am now happy that I have found those cute comments and posted them.  I love being able to look back on them weeks, months later and bring back the memories.  As a parent with older teenagers and young preschoolers looking back over the years, this is one important bit of advice I would love to share.  Make sure you write things down.  You may think you are going to remember the cute thing your child did or said, but 10 years down the road you won't. There is so much I can't remember from when the older children were younger.

Anyway, I have one cute thing from just tonight.  We had found some strawberries at Wal-Mart the other day and I knew I wanted them for Muffin Tin Monday.  Tonight the girls had one each for dessert (they were huge).  Amelia walked over to me and said, "Take the grass off! (I told her they are called leaves)"  Then when she was almost done she came over again.  She had only the top left, part of which was white, and she said, "I don't want the crust of it."

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  1. New follower!

  2. I love her strawberry description!

    We miss yogos, all of our local stores have stopped carrying them.


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