Thursday, February 17, 2011

More milestones for Hannah.

When last I posted a milestone post for Hannah she was almost 9 months old and just starting to crawl. This past month she has been constantly on the go, no longer content to crawl around the living room, but heading further and further through the downstairs. Fortunately she hasn't discovered the steps yet.

This is how I used to barricade her in the living room
Jan 14th

A month ago, this is what Hannah liked to do with crayons.

Here is Hannah's first snowman building experience
Jan 18

And she started to learn to pull herself to a standing position. Not sure when she started, but these pictures were taken on Jan 19th.

On Feb 6th she decided to crawl up the "steps" that Amelia laid out.


We had been using the Bumbo for her to sit in to eat.  When she started wanting to eat finger food we sat her up to the table in it.  We were using Steven's belt to secure her.  One day he needed his belt, so I switched Hannah into the booster seat and let Amelia sit in the big girl chair.  I noticed when she is sitting in this seat she has such great posture, unlike the Bumbo where a baby is slouched down.

Then of course there is her first finger paint experience from just last week.

And her first Valentine's Day.

And yesterday Hannah got to wear her first pair of shoes.

First we had a shoe try on session

Then I wanted to see how she would do crawling in them.

Of course first she had to be a typical kid and untie them.

Off she goes.

She did have a little trouble getting into a crawling position

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  1. she is SO adorable! My little baby girl loves shoes too, looks like Hannah is starting early too! Great pics, thanks for linking up to The Baby Blessings Blog Hop!

  2. She is getting so big! I love that picture of her standing by the TV :-)


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