Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Photo Round-up: August 5, 2012

Going back in time, Something just for me, Best part of my day, Night and Day, Look up

Going Back in Time
We visited my mom this past week. Looking at pictures on her walls and on her dressers and buffet is like going back in time. Above there are shots of:
My sister, my uncle's family, a friend of my mom's, me with Floyd, me with Steven, my grandmother, my mom with her sisters, my mom and her friend. 

On her buffet, she currently has pictures of Tabitha at 2 yrs old, Amelia at 1 yr old, her mom, Harold and me at our wedding and a portrait of Steven, Floyd and Krystal.

Something Just for Me
My "Karen...with a capital K" mug that I have had for years, like since I was a child living with my mom.

Best Part of My Day
The best part of my day yesterday was when I finally got a chance to get our curriculum organized.

 Night and Day
This is Tabitha's bed after she wakes up in the morning before she does her morning routine.

And this is Tabitha as she gets into bed at night. She would not give me a nice smile, so I chose the funniest face I could find.

 Looking Up
When we were at my mom's we took a walk and we came across this tree a block or so over. I felt like I was looking up forever with this tree. 

Now onto 
July/Aug Photo a Day

Day 29: Last thing you bought
We finally got Tabitha a booster seat for the van.

Day 30: Calm
When we were playing the A Bee C Match game Hannah was constantly trying to get the dice and was getting quite upset. She finally calmed down when I gave her some dice of her own.

Day 31: Toothbrush
A toothbrush still in its package. Of course, because I left it on the table when I went to bed the children thought it was for them to open the next morning. Of course they would think that.

Day 1 of August: Outside
The girls with grandma as we took a walk outside.

 Day 2: One
One slice of my spinach lasagna about to be enjoyed. You can find the recipe for it here.

 Day 3: Coin
The girls all have money cups and if they misbehave they need to give us one or two coins depending on the offense.

 Day 4: Somewhere You Sat
I spend a lot of time sitting at the computer.

 And linking up my favorite photo:

(Loving the huge smile as baby Harold plays with daddy at grandma's.)


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  1. Great shots! Love your favorite photo, he's getting so big!

  2. Don't you just love that your mom has all of those photos surrounding her?! I can honestly say that I had that EXACT SAME mug growing up. I had completely forgotten about it i until I saw this photo.

  3. Your girls are so cute : ) And of course the baby is adorable too! I am glad you got to go and visit your Mom. Love your cup from when you were little. What a special mug!

  4. Mom's house is full of memories. :)


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