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School Time with My Father's World Week 1: Creation Days 1-3

We started back up with lesson time this week, starting Tabitha in Kindergarten and Amelia in what we are calling K-4 (really to keep her from feeling left out). Hannah is joining in and doing Tot School Stuff.

We started off this week with some great new traditions (while continuing one from last year) that you can check out here. The girls were very excited to start back up as was I, though a little nervous due to Tabitha now being Kindergarten age.

We are using My Father's World for our Core Curriculum. The introductory unit focuses on Creation and we are probably going to take 3 weeks to go through it before starting the units that are based on a letter and a science topic all pointing to God's creation.

With each new day of creation we have a book page to make and I decided to make a muffin tin as well. I created a morning poster where we attach calendar information, topic/lesson info and our Words to Remember. It is similar to the one we used to use, but it opens up:

After prayer, pledges and singing the B-I-B-L-E we say our memory verse and attach it to the bottom right. Then we have calendar time. We figure out what day, month, date and year it is and attach them to the left side (attaches with Velcro).  We also add the season and sing a What is the Weather today song I made up. I am going to add some more for the weather to the left there, but the baby is making it difficult to do that. We also fill in the calendar provided by My Father's World and the Hundred chart.

When we get to our Units that focus on the letters we will add the letter to the right and we will have picture cards as we did two years ago.  This year I will be making Letter/Sound Books with Hannah (and the other two if they want to join in). I made these with the older girls in the 2009-2010 year.

This week we focused on Days 1-3 of creation. Here is what we did.

We started our Days of Creation Book.
Day 1: God created light.

The girls glued on a black rectangle to show light and dark, along with the typed strip from the curriculum stating what God did. There is one of these strips for each day.

Then the girls tried to teach Hannah letters A-D. 
The curriculum starts with letter recognition during Creation before focusing on a letter at a time for phonics instruction. As the older girls already know their letters (and sounds) they are going to be helping teach Hannah.

Day 1 Muffin Tin: God Created Light, so we have light and dark.

On Tuesdays we still have Play Group, so no official lesson time, though the girls will be doing workbooks, Teach My Preschooler, Early Expert Spanish online and during Hannah's naptime.

Wednesday was supposed to be a school day, but baby Harold had a well-child (get a shot) visit.

Thursday we learned about Day 2 of Creation:
God Created the Firmament/Sky.

The girls cut out and glued blue paper for water to their white paper.

Then they colored the sky blue and...

glued on clouds. 

And their strips describing the day.

Tabitha had a great idea: We created Cloud letters!!


I did mine free hand.

For the girls', I told them to write the letter then draw the cloud around it.


 Hannah's (um, not really a cloud):


Then we made air popped popcorn the fun way:

On a Sheet on the Floor!

(Can you see the piece of popcorn up in the air?)

They had a blast!!

Day 2 Muffin Tin: God created the sky and separated the water above from the water below.

Day 3 God created the land and plants.
I didn't have time to take pictures of them making their page, but we cut out and glued on some water, some land and a tree. Then they drew a flower or two.

The girls helped make the pudding for our dirt cups.

Day 3 Muffin Tin: God created the dry land and plants, trees etc.

For a special surprise for dinner I made a Veggie Tree on the pizza.

Here are this week's Creation Book pages:




Just for the record the ideas for the Creation Book pages come from the My Father's World Teacher Manual, though I did them a tad different as usual.
The muffin tins are my own ideas.

We read the book Alice in Bibleland Storybook: The Story of Creation. I love that these books are told in rhyme and all feature Alice who goes through her giant magic screen to a time in the Bible. I just wish the author, Alice Joyce Davidson, hadn't called it "magic."  I think it is quite true to the Bible. 

I have a bunch more books at the library on hold, just need to get there. Wish they were open Saturdays, but they are still on Summer hours til after Labor Day.

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  1. What a fun week! I love your muffin tins & adorable pizza!

  2. What a great week! Love your creation activities.

  3. What a wonderful way to explore the Bible! I love all your food creations.

  4. Wow! So much packed into one post. Wonderful. You look like you have had a great week.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!



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