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Back to Preschool Giveaway Blast: Sponsor Spotlight- Doodle Roll

Here is my last Sponsor Spotlight post!
You may earn 10 bonus entries into the giveaway by following the directions in purple below!!

Tots and Me

Welcome to the last Back to Preschool Giveaway Blast Sponsor Spotlight!

Now, onto the review:

new package

From the website:
"Doodle Roll lets kids unroll their imagination and Doodle, Draw, Create — Anytime, Anywhere!Compact and convenient dispenser is perfect for travel, out to eat, doctor's office, party favor, gift giving, stocking stuffer and so much more!"

The Doodle Roll arrived at our house with perfect timing.
The girls were excited for the chance to try it out at the  first Preseason Bills Game we went to 2 weeks ago. I was a little leery that security wouldn't let it in, but they had no problem with it.

I had been sent a new 6 inch Doodle Roll and new Writing Board with an additional Doodle Roll. 
I love the ingenuity of this new design (granted, I never saw the original first hand). 
The Doodle Roll snaps right into the Writing Board (it came attached, but when I am out of paper I will be able to remove it and put a new roll in place).  The Writing Board is made out of sturdy cardboard. They have included 4 double sided crayons, so you have all 8 crayon colors that are in a normal pack of crayons (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown and black). The crayons are stored in a plastic case built into the Doodle Roll. So, everything is contained together for ease of use and transporting.

The crayon compartment lid snaps open easily.

After removing the cardboard tabs on both sides of the Doodle Roll the paper comes out easily with a gentle pull. Yes, I did manage to rip a small hole in the first pull, but since then it has come out smoothly.

The girls couldn't wait for their turn to try out the Doodle Roll. I pulled out enough paper to cover the Writing Board, just enough room for a cute picture.

Hannah couldn't wait for her turn and Tabitha let her share.

Then Amelia joined in.

They each had multiple turns. I also started ripping them off pieces of paper so they could all color at the same time. They just used the bench as a "table."

The best testimony is this:
When I was out in the bathroom with Amelia, Tabitha turned to daddy and exclaimed,
"Daddy, this is fun!"

While we were walking out to the van after the game both girls again expressed how much they enjoyed the Doodle Roll.
Tabitha likes that it "roooollllllllls out!"
Amelia likes that "we can make numbers and letters too."
They also love it for playing Tic-Tac-Toe.

Hannah and I had a chance to use it to make a banner for the first day of school.

I absolutely love the Doodle Roll. I did just want to note, you need to make sure you hold the plastic securely while you are tearing the paper off or it will tear. Other than that, this is the neatest little invention I have seen in a while. It is fully portable and everything is contained. The children can not take it apart and lose the paper roll or roll it all out. You do need to make sure they do not pull out a huge bunch at a time, but that is easy to do with proper supervision. 
I highly recommend this for art on the go or at home.

You can head here to find out how to order your own Doodle Roll.

You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter

Doodle Roll has agreed to provide the winner of the Back to Preschool Blast Giveaway their very own new Doodle Roll with Writing Board and they have also agreed to supply the same product to be included in the 2nd place prize pack

How would you like some extra entries into the Back to Preschool Blast? 
  • Head on over to their site and tell me which Doodle Character is your favorite. Leave the answer here in the comments with your email and I will email you the secret code to place in the Rafflecopter for a bonus 10 points.

Tots and Me

Disclosure: I received  the Gulf Alive Coloring Book and CD set from The Creativity Institute for free as a part of my Back to Preschool Blast Giveaway. This did not in any way influence my review. I only recommend products I use personally and will be good for my readers. 


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  4. I like the character Kevin.
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