Sunday, August 19, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday: Creation Days 2 and 3

Muffin Tin Monday at

Last week I shared our first day of school Muffin Tin. We are learning about Creation, so the first day's tin was about God creating light. We continued on during the week and learned about Days 2 and 3. I made a muffin tin each day. 

Day 2: God created the firmament or sky:
Blue tinted vanilla yogurt representing the water above.
Marshmallow clouds
Cheese cloud, Peanut butter and fluff cloud, popcorn clouds
Aquafina flavored water and blue tinted mashed potatoes representing more water. (It was supposed to be Jello but I forgot to make it soon enough for it to set)

We had some fun making the popcorn.

Tabitha added the clouds to the sky.

Day 3: God created dry land and plants and trees.

Everything in this tin represents land or plants.
Baked beans
Sunflower seeds
Carrots and some broccoli trees
Dirt Pudding (the girls had fun making this as a part of Kids and a Mom in the Kitchen).
Oh, and some ranch dressing in the middle.

Hannah thought the cup meant drink I guess.

And they had to add some whipped topping.


Stay tuned for some more Creation related tins this coming week.

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  1. Very creative and great learning fun! My girls would have had their entire muffin tins filled with that whipping cream...hehe.


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