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Sunday Photo Round-up: August 19, 2012

Forest, Morning Light, Touch, Newspaper, Coffee or Tea


Not really a forest, but a few shots of the woods as we were driving home from play group on Tuesday.

Morning Light

The morning light shining through our living room curtain. 


Baby Harold is quite fascinated by different textures. He loves the upholstery on the couch and love seat and is constantly scratching at it. He really likes this safety strap on the stroller.

We were at the park today and the girls were enjoying the feel of the bark.


Daddy started getting his Bills Digest recently. Besides the Dollar Saver it is the only "newspaper" we get.

Coffee or Tea

Now onto 
August Photo a Day
(I am never sure if I should write anything about these shots or not. This week I am going to let them speak for themselves.)

 Day 12: Spoon

 Day 13: Simple

 Day 14: Arrow

 Day 15: Ready

 Day 16: Food

 Day 17: Faces

 Day 18: Inside

 And linking up my favorite photo:
My older son Floyd wanted to take some pictures at the park today so we dressed the girls up nicely. I absolutely love this picture of Amelia.

But I had to share this fun sequence as well. Tabitha was chasing her friend around the tree, then she just kept running around. The last shot, I thought she was going to come back out and the little stinker didn't.


Happily Mother After

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  1. Morning light is great, and I love the one of the kids touching the tree.

  2. I enjoyed seeing what you found on your hunt. LOVE the morning light photo.

  3. Little Harold is at such a wonderful age -- everything is new and exciting for him. :)

  4. These are so great! That pizza design is so fun!

  5. My dad took a photo of me when I was little with my hands touching bark just like that!

  6. Great the Morning Light through the curtain!


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